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From Affection

From "Affection" by Padraig Spillane

These images are from Padraigs solo show, “Affection“, in Wilton library last year

From "Affection" by Padraig Spillane

From "Affection" by Padraig Spillane

From "Affection" by Padraig Spillane

SIRIUS ARTS CENTRE PRESENTS: opening Thursday 11 March 7:00pm – Photographs an exhibition by award winning photographer Jackie Nickerson

Sister Gabriel from "Faith" by Jackie Nickerson

Sirius Arts Centre presents two bodies of work by award winning photographer, Jackie Nickerson. Born in Boston, after a career in the commercial photography, Jackie made a break with the fashion world and created FARM, a powerful series of portraits of farm workers in southern Africa. This series was published internationally and exhibited in several countries. Jackie followed this work with FAITH, published in 2008 by SteidlMACK, which captures religious communities in Ireland.

Jackie was awarded the AIB Art Prize in 2008, and also won the Curtin O’Donoghue prize in 2009. She has recently been short listed for the Arts Council‘s prestigious affiliation of creative artists in Ireland, Aosdána. Her latest work “10 Miles Round” was recently profiled on the RTE Television series, “The View” and exhibited in the Gallery of Photography, Dublin.

This is the first showing of Farm and Faith in the Cork region.  For more information contact Sirius at: (021) 481 3790

Exhibition runs until Thursday 1 April 2010

Gallery hours

Wed – Fri 11AM – 5pm
Sat & Sun 2pm – 5pm
Monday and Tuesday CLOSED.

From "Farm" by Jackie Nickerson

Here’s a link to the Sirius

– Rory

More colour Holga

By Sanda Gallina

Sanda’s colour Holga

By Sanda Gallina

Sanda was busy scanning Holga negs in college last week. Here’s one of them.

– Rory

Holga Tyres

Tyres by Rory O'Toole

Did a bit of scanning this morning. This is a typical Holga shot, of a wagon full of tyres down at my brother in laws farm in Limerick. The Holga is the cheapest most rubbish camera I own, and yet for the past two years I have much preferred the work I have produced from it over my 35mm Nikon. Maybe I live in a blurry world …

– Rory


Stairs from Miriam King

Still struggling to figure out how to do the gallery pages. Miriam sent me an email with ideas for websites that do such a thing like Indexhibit and Stacey (thanks Miriam!). Problem is I like the wordpress template we’re using right now, and I’m not sure how to integrate these other sites. Anyway, enough nerdiness.

by Zoe Leonard, Deutsche Borse contender 2010

I was sitting reading yesterdays paper and drinking coffee at around 11 this morning (sounds lovely doesn’t it? if only it wasn’t midterm break and four noisy kids weren’t tumbling around), and found Sean O’Hagan’s review of the contenders for the Deutsche Borse Prize 2010. An interesting article, and nice to find in the Sunday paper, as opposed to online, which is where we normally find such photography related interestingness. Despite the absolute flooding of imagery into our world, the mainstream media doesn’t normally write a whole lot about the people who create the images. You can read the article here if you didn’t spend your Monday lazing around drinking coffee ….

– Rory

Wolfgang Tillmans

Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC, 30 Jan - 13 Mar 2010

Padraig sent me on this cool link to Wolfgang Tillmans’ site. The site is currently showing installation views of his current exhibition, which is nice to see as Tillmans is known for how he displays his work. Says Podge in his email to me, “… I love how he exhibits his stuff. I know other people do that kinda thing too. But I also like his stuff so its a double whammy! …”

3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 25 Sep - 25 Oct 2009

There’s also a couple of free pdf’s available to download on Tillmans site to pull down, print off, and view for your own pleasure (hmm, sounds kinda rude!). An excellent bonus!

Click here to visit the site.

– Rory