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Project 12: Something old, something new

An old photos of some old Cork Analogue Photographers. In a field.

We haven’t been blogging for a while, and there’s a reason why. Cork Analogue Photographers have become a little jaded lately. Motivation has been down, and we have trouble arranging to meet up. We want to be more inclusive, and interact with more people. Maybe people who don’t live in Cork. Maybe some who don’t even shoot film. So we’re coming up with a plan, and the plan is being planned (to use a Dr. Suessism!). I’ll tell you more in the New Year, but to mark the end of 2011, and looking forward to 2012, we have come up with a little project.

We’d love if you took part. The rules are simple –

1. Shoot two photos at anytime between Dec 24th and Jan 1st. The photos should say something about the end of 2011, and the begining of 2012. Doesn’t have to be a world scale reflection and projection, can just be something personal too.

2. Use any camera, film, digital, phone, whatever’s easiest for you

3. Post the photos on CorkAP’s Facebook wall – https://www.facebook.com/corkap (post both in the same post using Create an Album – many photos)

Enjoy it, have fun!

– Rory