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5b4 review Chris Killip “Here comes everybody”


Photography book review site 5B4 have reiewed Manx photographer Chris Killips new book of  photographs of the annual pilgrimages at Croagh Patrick and Maamean. “Here Comes Everybody” features photographs taken over several visits between 1993 and 2005.

“… Killip’s discovery of landscape and tradition is felt throughout. Fences of loose rock piled to delineate property or path are described with the same eye towards beauty as the pastoral views and fog shrouded mountain tops. His pilgrims ascend in small groups and pause in a landscape so idyllic that they teeter on the purely romantic. This is where his construction and sequencing become the most important element holding this book together. His juxtaposition of black and white and color slyly keep us jumping back and forth from past to present, from old tradition to new, preconception and reality. His penitents in their misty struggle upwards are faced on opposite pages with clarity and heavenly crisp light. ‘A fiction about metaphor’ as he has said of past projects is at work here too.  …”

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– Rory