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Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen (c) Andrew Hetherington

You have probably heard that comedian Leslie Nielsen sadly passed away in the past few days. Browsing through the various photography blogs that I enjoy, I came across this post on Manhattan based Irish photographer Andrew Hetherington’s blog, WTJ. Gotta say, I just love this photo that Andrew took of the great man, back in 2006.

Take a look at WTJ, interesting and friendly blog too.

– Rory

Maria Mochnacz

(c) Maria Mochnacz

I was listening to some early PJ Harvey as I worked the other day, and was admiring the photography on the record sleeve. I did a bit of googling and found that the photographer was Maria Mochnacz, a lo-fi fine art photographer – just the type of photographer we like here at CorkAP!

On the photo above, the cover of PJ Harvey’s “Rid of Me”, Maria says

This is the cover of “rid of me” pollys first album for island records.when I took this image to the record company & said this is what we want to use for the cover they said great,dont worry we can clean up the muck on the wall,the drips & the plant & I had to say,no – its supposed to be like that – its part of the was taken in pitch black in my bathroom with a flash i remember my housemate Mark who I shared with at the time banging on the bathroom door while we were in there & i was shouting back “fuck off, we’re making art” – in a friendly manner,of course.

Here’s my own copy, in it’s glorious 12″ sleeve – cd covers just ain’t the same (and as for downloads…) !

PJ Harvey sleeve by Maria Mochnacz (c)

Check out Maria’s website for more great lo-fi photography – musicians, fashion and personal work

Barry & Deb (c) Maria Mochnacz

– Rory

Online Publication #2: Unless You Will

Unless You Will Issue 11

Unless You Will is probably my favourite online magazine. It is curated and founded by Heidi Romano, a photographer and art director and ‘dreamer’ from Melbourne, Australia. UYW is published roughly once a month. It has just celebrated its first birthday with its 11th issue, a double issue & a collaboration with Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann.

UYW showcases photographers who evoke emotion & nostalgia, who use photography to express themselves  and whose photography has layers of meaning. “Their images are a happiness measurement, they give us pleasure, rekindle a memory, or trigger other emotions of their own.” I realise its completely subjective, but these are the kind of photographs that I love so its no surprise I’m such a big fan of the magazine!

They also say “Our aim is to showcase these talented artists without too many frills, who work with the notions of play, honesty and craftsmanship.” And I think it is that lack of ‘frills’ that make this magazine such a joy to read. The layout is simple and effective, the text is minimal but informative, the focus is on the photography.

All 11 issues of Unless You Will are available to download on the website.  And if you are seduced by the magazine and want to see more, you should check out Heidi Romano’s blog, Tales of Light, where she features many more inspirational photographers, as well as sharing some of her own work, thoughts and photography related discoveries.

– Miriam

Disposable Camera Day

Disposable goodness

The first Sunday of each December is Disposable Camera Day (DCD)*.

We’re going to take part this year by having the first CorkAP DCD on Sunday Dec 5th. Plan is to meet outside Brown Thomas on Patrick St. in Cork at 10am armed with a disposable camera. After standing around, complaining about the weather and general chit chat, we’ll split for an hour or so, and wander round taking most excellent disposable pictures of the city. Then at about 11.30am- 12noon we’ll meet up again for coffee and some grub, and discuss the adventure of trying to capture the city in 36 frames through crappy plastic lens. Some creative seeing will be required! Hopefully there’ll be a 1 hour photo open and willing to process the film (we’re making calls to the few 1hr centers left). If there is, then the photos could be collected after lunch and another rendevouz to sit around and discuss the results. I imagine a couple of pints might be consumed during this process!

If this sounds like fun, then why not get involved? We would be flattered if film loving people in Cork would like to join us for the day**. All you need is a disposable camera and some nice cosy duds (it will be December after all!).


Drop a comment below if you think you would like to get involved!


If you’re reading this somewhere outside Cork, then why not join in anyway, and organise a day out where you live with a bunch of disposable friends 🙂

You can also post your favourite images from the day on the Disposable Camera Day 2010 flickr group –

Will try and post more details about the 1hr photo situation and somewhere to have coffee afterwards closer to the date. Hope to see you there!

– Rory

* erm, OK, this is the first Disposable Camera Day. But hereafter it will take place on the first Sunday in December!

** We would also like to extend the invitation to people who might like to join our group. Cork Analogue Photographers was set up in 2008 by a bunch of people who met at the excellent photography night class in the Crawford College of Art and Design between 2006 to 2008. We have felt our way along this far, and now would love to know if there are film loving photographers based in and around Cork who might like to get involved. We thought that a Disposable Camera Day would be a good way to meet like minded people, have a laugh, and shoot some film 🙂

Albert Watson


(c) Albert Watson


I’ve been reading bits ‘n’ bobs about Albert Watson around the web, and just thought I’d gratuitously post a photo of his. I could try and say more, but really, for now, I’ll let the picture do the talking.


Check out his website for an education in seeing


– Rory

Online Publications #1 – SuperMassiveBlackHole Magazine

SuperMassiveBlackHole Issue 5

The first online photography magazine I want to share with you is SuperMassiveBlackHole Magazine. They say its “Ireland’s first international online photography magazine.” Its published 3 times a year and is available to download for free as PDF, both for screen and for print. Each issue has a theme, for example the current issue no5 is Intimacy. The contributing photographers are from all over the world but there is always a good representation of Irish photographers. Each photographer has a small sample of their work published, but it is enough to get a feel for their work and if you want to see more you can follow the link to their website. Each issue chooses one photographer and project for a more in depth look in ‘Focus’ and ‘Project’, and ‘Talk’ contains articles, interviews & reviews on current or recent exhibitions.

I like the wide range of work showcased in SuperMassiveBlackHole, from analog to digital, found photographs to video art, portraits to highly conceptual work. And during the summer they even moved out into the ‘offline’ world, when they exhibited the work of five photographers in the New Living Art Exhibition 2010 at the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art.

SuperMassiveBlackHole advertises for submissions for each upcoming magazine, so look out for that if you want to be involved. In the meantime all the past issues of the magazine are available in the archives and you can follow all their latest news on their blog.


Pamela Condell @ Stag & Deer


(c) Pamella Condell


Stag & Deer opening is tonight at 6pm at Store on Oliver Plunkett St. in Cork.


The following is some info about Pamela Condell from the Stag & Deer website –


I feel emptiness in the landscape.
Back to the aftermath.
An overriding sense that I’ve missed something.
Perhaps I feel emptiness in myself that I’m trying to preserve and protect.
I am alone in the moment that stops me, I feel a great weight and anticipation descend and pull at my hair.

Pamela’s current work is primarily based on an eloquent emptiness; site-specific landscapes and portraits which are tied to human presence.

Pamela Condell holds a Diploma in Photography from St. Johns College, Cork. She has exhibited as a feature artist in association with the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork – Ladyfest 2008

Pam’s website

– Rory