Sanda’s colour Holga

By Sanda Gallina

Sanda was busy scanning Holga negs in college last week. Here’s one of them.

– Rory

4 responses to “Sanda’s colour Holga

  1. Great Holga shots in the last 2 posts Rory. I never had much luck with mine so I recently turned it into a Pinhole.

    Anymore info on this shot. Where did she take it, what were the conditions like? The coluors are beautiful.

  2. The colours in this are gorgeous Sanda! 🙂

  3. Thanks for your comments.
    This shot is cross processed colour slide film which put through Holga gives that extra mysterious tone and colour. I took this picture in Balinreeshing on an early crisp winter morning just as the sun comes out and the fog is slowly lifting up the valley. Will try to post same film used in brighter conditions to see the difference.

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