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By Sanda Galina

This image is one of the shots from the contact sheet in the previous post

Contact Sheets

I’ve always liked contact sheets, especially if the whole roll of film is from one shoot, and therefore the exposure is similar across all the shots. The above sheet is one that Sanda sent me. She didn’t mean to post it, but I think it’s cool

– Rory


By Jason Dunne

New Design

I’ve been searching for new templates for the CorkAP webite. I quite like this design, but there are a few problems. I can’t find a way to put in our links, but I should be able to put them in at the top, under the Pull menu. Also, I can no longer put the name of the site at the top, but if you’re here, then you know where you are – right?!

Hit the comments button and let me know what you think (it’s the number at the right of each post title)

– Rory

Ballycotton Nets

By Rory O’Toole.

Taken same day as this one by Jason Dunne – just took me 6 months longer to dev and scan!

Old House, East Ferry, Co. Cork

Holga, Ilford XP2 400, frame overlap

By Rory O’Toole

In Spain

Holga CFN, Ilford XP2 400, Spain.

By Rory O’Toole

Spanish Fountain

This is Fionn in Tarragona in Spain last September. I think it was Tarragona. It was an old Roman city anyway!

Holga CFN, Ilford XP2 400

– Rory

Drying fibre based prints

Came across this in an old copy of Black & White Photography magazine (Dec 2007, issue 80).

It follows on from a discussion at a CorkAP meeting recently on the same topic (hint: don’t dry your prints by taping them emulsion side in to a shower door. You’ll get a nice image transfer, but the print will be ruined!).

Click on the image to read it.

– Rory


By Dee Moriarty

Comeragh Mountains

By Dee Moriarty


By Dee Moriarty

Light After Storm

By Brian Dunne