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Steve McCurry: A Retrospective (by Leica)

There isn’t much I can say to add to the content of this video. So make yourself a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy (thanks to TOP for the tip)

– Rory

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore,West Third Street, Parkersburg, West Virginia, May 16, 1974

The things you miss, when you are not In with the Art Scene (darling).  The Douglas Hyde Gallery have been showing Stephen Shore since May 28th. the exhibition will finish on July 3rd, so move fast if you would like to see it.  Shore, along with the likes of Eggleston, brought colour photography into the art world back in the 70’s, and he has influenced a generation of colour photographers.

– Rory

Dee Moriarty, intrepid world reporter # 3

By Dee Moriarty

Another great travel portrait from Dee. She tells me that her ability to get flukey shots is unsurpassed, but I dunno how flukey she is … mostly they seem right on the mark!

– Rory

Dee Moriarty, intrepid world reporter # 2

By Dee Moriarty

Dee’s ability to find interesting faces on her travels, and get them to stop and pose is unsurpassed! Another great portrait

– Rory

Dee Moriarty, intrepid world reporter

by Dee Moriarty

Dee sent me some scans of work from her travels. It’s great! I’ll post a few more over the coming days.  I asked Dee what type of film was used, you know, nerdy stuff. She said it was “colour”. Nice one, put me in my place …!

– Rory

More colour Holga

By Sanda Gallina

Sanda’s colour Holga

By Sanda Gallina

Sanda was busy scanning Holga negs in college last week. Here’s one of them.

– Rory


Sitges, Summer. Rory O'Toole

We’re into the long nights and short days of the winter solstice. Anybody working indoors at this time of year barely sees daylight at all. Come next Monday or Tuesday we will reach the depths, and after that the days will begin to stretch. So I here’s a picture from the summer 🙂

– Rory

Caitriona Summertime #2


By Jason Dunne

Caitriona Summertime 1

Caitriona Summertime 1By Jason Dunne

Stefan Ruiz

stefan ruiz

I recently came across photographer Stefan Ruiz via Andrew Hetherington’s blog, “whats the jackanory?”. Ruiz shoots fantastic portraiture on a 4×5 large format camera in places like Africa and South America – places most people would not even consider lugging such a beast. However the large, old fashioned camera opened doors for him in itself, as he notes in the sidebar accompanying one of his images, “…the Congo was kind of scary. I didn’t feel comfortable there. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Africa, really liked it and never had a problem. But here, because they’d been in a civil war for so long, everyone was on edge. Everywhere there were guys with guns. But the portraits worked out well. I had brought my camera and lights and once I took them out they loved it. People often like to get photographed with a large format camera. It’s not something that happens every day…”

See more of Ruiz’s work on his wesite here

– Rory

Where have all the scans gone?


What’s the point of having a website to show off new work, if we don’t actually publish any?! Well we CorkAP’ers have been working hard in the darkroom, with two exhibitions coming up very soon. We just haven’t been scanning. So here’s an old one of mine, shot on Fuji Velvia in my sisters back yard a year or two ago.

– Rory