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The antidote to the tyranny of technology

Cal Anderson Park, Seattle © Michelle Bates

We like our toy cameras here at CorkAP (well not all of them), and today I came across an interesting link on Lenscratch to Holga Photographer Michelle Bates. There’s a link to an informative little video of her speaking at the TEDxRainier in Seattle.  Take a look at Michelle’s website for some Holga inspiration. Great stuff up there! Makes me want to get my Holga out again soon. It’s been too long!

– Rory

Blue in Heaven

By Rory O'Toole

Another shot from the last couple of colour films that I put through the Holga.

– Rory


by Rory O'Toole

I got some Holga films developed and scanned at Fuji Foto-Finish on Ship St in Cork. It’s around the corner from Penrose Wharf commercial center (or whatever that’s called) – ie on the way up to the train station from the quays. If you know Cork, you know where I mean! Anyway, they’re one of the last places that will still develop and scan (and print) medium format film. It was €10 for a develop and scan to cd.

The Holga is always hit and miss – ya never knows what ya gonna get. I tried to take pictures of colour subjects as it was colour film (I have mostly put b+w through the Holga). This one ain’t bad, though I do feel sometimes that taking pictures of graffiti is a bit like stealing! But what the hell. If you know who the graffiti artist is, let me know 🙂

– Rory

More colour Holga

By Sanda Gallina

Sanda’s colour Holga

By Sanda Gallina

Sanda was busy scanning Holga negs in college last week. Here’s one of them.

– Rory

Holga Tyres

Tyres by Rory O'Toole

Did a bit of scanning this morning. This is a typical Holga shot, of a wagon full of tyres down at my brother in laws farm in Limerick. The Holga is the cheapest most rubbish camera I own, and yet for the past two years I have much preferred the work I have produced from it over my 35mm Nikon. Maybe I live in a blurry world …

– Rory