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Tim Hetherington & Chris Hondros

Tim Hetherington & Chris Hondros deaths in Libya have been reported widely during the past few days. Both were talented journalists, photographers, film makers and writers. There is nothing I can add really to what has already been said by those who knew the men and their work. May they rest in peace.

Chris Hondros on the NY Times

Tim Hetherington on the NY Times

– Rory

Don McCullin at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester

Don McCullin

“… I don’t want to be remembered as a war photographer, or even classified as a war photographer. I hate it. You know, you can’t take photographs because you’re a machine-like person and you’ve been shown how to use a camera. You do it with your soul. …”

So begins Don McCullin thoughtfully at the start of this short slideshow presented by the BBC. An exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester showcasing his work marks McCullins 75th year. McCullin has always seemed to me to be a photographer of the highest integrity, and more so when you here him speak. Have a listen to him and view a few of his photographs here.

– Rory