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Calculated Attack

Ta Daa!!!

Cork Analogue Photographers collaborated with Guerilla Exhibition for a calculated attack on the streets of Dublin, on Friday morning, July 1st. The location was kept top secret until the morning, then the twitter machine kicked in and it went viral!

Part of Photo Ireland festival 2011, we “attacked” a disused shopfront on Drury St., brightening up a drab and grimy left over from the tiger bubble with some street art.

This was a bit of a departure from Guerilla Exhibitions usual style of putting a number of different prints up, pop-up gallery style. Instead, in tune with Photo Ireland festival’s theme of collaborative change, a negative was selected from Cork Analogue Photographers, and scanned and blown up by the Guerrilla’s, to create an enormous (6m wide) print to cover the whole shop front. The blow up was printed on 185 sheets of ordinary printing paper (special thanks to Exhibit A in Dublin for the scanning and printing). This was the first of it’s kind to be seen in Dublin, and it looks fantastic. There was a lot of measuring, planning, talking, measuring, sticky dots and fingers crossed in the hope that it would all come together. Here’s some photos of the work in progress.

Time lapse vid to come (Q Benny Hill music)

Sheets, lettered and numbered

First few sheets go up


Next time, we'll cut the sheets like a jigsaw

Getting there

Looks good!

Clone/stamp tool, analogue style ...

Yay! Street art!