Eggleston in London!

By William Eggleston

Oh man! I want to get to London! The Victoria Miro gallery are showing Eggleston until Feb 27th. Do I have time? Do I have funds? Noooo!

I found this out while reading photographer Chris Floyd’s new blog. I’ve liked Floyd’s photography for a while, and quite recently he started blogging. And happily, he writes well – interesting, funny stories accompanied by great photographs. Check it out here.

This is what Chris had to say about discovering Eggleston –

Back in 1999, when I had never heard of William Eggleston, my book was called in for a job by a long gone band from the Britpop era called Gene.  I dutifully sent my finest collection of band and music portraits in a 12”x16” book.  A few days later I got a message back that the book was fine – yeah yeah yeah – but haven’t you got anything else?  Anything different?  More personal?

I did but it had never really occurred to me to send it out for a professional commission, the reason being precisely because it was personal.  But, I did have it and it was a little 8”x10” book of  photographic doodles.  It was representative of the way my eyes framed the world when I wasn’t thinking about it.  It was unselfconscious.  I dropped it off at the band’s management office in Fulham, London.

A day later I was asked to come in and meet the band’s singer Martin Rossiter.  He had been looking at my little 8×10 book and come to the conclusion that I was massively influenced by someone whose work he greatly admired – William Eggleston.

I had never heard of him.  Martin didn’t believe me and it took some reassuring to convince him.  But when I did he loved it even more – it was unselfconscious – and he then offered me one of the greatest commissions a photographer could ever ask for.  The band were going to Los Angeles to play some shows and record and release a live album.  My job was to go there with them and spend 7 days just roaming around LA shooting pictures of anything I felt like, to be used as the album’s artwork.

Read more here …

– Rory


2 responses to “Eggleston in London!

  1. Thanks Rory. It’s really good to know that someone out there is enjoying this stuff. I haven’t actually been to see the Eggleston show yet. Must find time…… Must find time…..Must find time…… .

  2. you’re welcome Chris. Thanks for the interesting reading!

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