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Susan Burnstine

This is a lovely film about photographer Susan Burnstine. Susan creates her own cameras and lenses with what she finds, and produces beautiful, dreamy photographs. Watch the film, see what you think – Susan Burnstine on Fine Art TV


By Brian Dunne

The pix channel

Found this great page (well Mike Johnson did!) with a whole bunch of short interviews with famous photographers – definately worth a look. I have put a link on the side bar too.

Velvia or liquid emulsion

This is a straight scan from a slide taken on Fuji Velvia last summer.

I have printed this one a bunch of times. The original shot was taken in Killarney with a Holga and 120 film (can’t remember the brand). For this image liquid emulsion was painted on water colour paper and exposed. I quite like the result – for a first attempt anyway!

Rory O’Toole

Untitled (Portrait of John)

By Padraig Spillane


By Padraig Spillane

"Plead the fleeting moment to remain"

A few more photos from intrepid world photographer, Dee Moriarty

Dee’s photos

By Dee Moriarty


Debs by Brian Dunne

Jason’s Page

The 50mm section

Welcome to Cork Analogue Photographers

a photograph is a moment in time captured on film and with photography we document history as it happens.

these are some my latest moments

Cork Analogue Photographers

This is the homepage of Cork Analogue Photographers. We are a group of photographers who work with film cameras and traditional darkroom processes. We enjoy the process of producing fine prints by hand using just light, chemicals and paper.

Cork Analogue Photographers will be exhibiting in Cork in the near future. Dates will be posted here, and leaflets distributed around the city.