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Susan Burnstine

This is a lovely film about photographer Susan Burnstine. Susan creates her own cameras and lenses with what she finds, and produces beautiful, dreamy photographs. Watch the film, see what you think – Susan Burnstine on Fine Art TV


By Brian Dunne

The pix channel

Found this great page (well Mike Johnson did!) with a whole bunch of short interviews with famous photographers – definately worth a look. I have put a link on the side bar too.

Velvia or liquid emulsion

This is a straight scan from a slide taken on Fuji Velvia last summer.

I have printed this one a bunch of times. The original shot was taken in Killarney with a Holga and 120 film (can’t remember the brand). For this image liquid emulsion was painted on water colour paper and exposed. I quite like the result – for a first attempt anyway!

Rory O’Toole

Untitled (Portrait of John)

By Padraig Spillane


By Padraig Spillane

"Plead the fleeting moment to remain"

A few more photos from intrepid world photographer, Dee Moriarty