Stairs from Miriam King

Still struggling to figure out how to do the gallery pages. Miriam sent me an email with ideas for websites that do such a thing like Indexhibit and Stacey (thanks Miriam!). Problem is I like the wordpress template we’re using right now, and I’m not sure how to integrate these other sites. Anyway, enough nerdiness.

by Zoe Leonard, Deutsche Borse contender 2010

I was sitting reading yesterdays paper and drinking coffee at around 11 this morning (sounds lovely doesn’t it? if only it wasn’t midterm break and four noisy kids weren’t tumbling around), and found Sean O’Hagan’s review of the contenders for the Deutsche Borse Prize 2010. An interesting article, and nice to find in the Sunday paper, as opposed to online, which is where we normally find such photography related interestingness. Despite the absolute flooding of imagery into our world, the mainstream media doesn’t normally write a whole lot about the people who create the images. You can read the article here if you didn’t spend your Monday lazing around drinking coffee ….

– Rory

2 responses to “Stairs

  1. Sounds interesting but the link is broken!

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