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Landscape B&W Photography Workshop

(c) Monochrome Meath

Peter from Monochrome Meath emailed me asking us to let you know about an upcoming b+w workshop he is running on the weekend of September 16th. It sounds great! If you would like to attend then contact Peter through the Monochrome Meath website.

The following is his email:

“… I am delighted to confirm that the Landscape B&W Photography Workshop to be run in the Burren in county Clare is now set for 16th, 17th & 18th of September. The cost of the workshop is €185 per person. 

Taking you from the initial camera exposure, through development of the film and finishing with the print, this weekend workshop promises to be an unmissable event.

The workshop is designed to suit both beginners and advanced film photographers and caters for those shooting 35mm, medium format or large format. As well as scheduled demonstrations, I will be on-hand to assist each participant during the weekend, whatever level they are at.

 Three excursions into the beautiful Burren landscape and also on the coast of Galway Bay will be made during the weekend to practice various exposure techniques at different times of the day, with different lighting conditions. This will cover the following:

 Different metering techniques

Long exposures

Multiple exposures

Reciprocity considerations

Using Infrared films

 Having exposed your films, we will then use various film developing techniques such as:

 Stand development

Two-Bath Contrast Compensating development

Use of Staining developers.

 Printing techniques to be demonstrated and then used my each participant include:

 Split Grade Printing


Lith Printing


Coating of Liquid Emulsion on canvas & then printing on it.

 We will be based in Ballyvaughan which is just two kilometres from the Buren College of Art which is where our Darkroom facilities are located. Ballyvaughan is a lovely village located on the coast with lots of pubs and restaurants. All the locations we will be photographing are within a ten minute drive. I have negotiated a group rate for the highly recommended Logues Lodge Hotel. They are offering us a reduced bed and breakfast rate of €40 for single rooms en suite. The lodge serves meals all day and I have dinned there and found the food excellent.

 The college has two darkrooms equipped with excellent enlargers and facilities. There is a third room for film development which can be used at any time over the weekend. In fact, the darkrooms are open until 10pm each day which provides us with great opportunities to come and go as we please.

 The workshop will start at 4pm on the Friday and finish at 5pm on the Sunday.

 Places are limited and the hotel is holding rooms for the next week, so please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to attend this workshop. If anyone prefers to stay at an alternative hotel or B&B etc., then that’s perfectly fine.

 To book your place on the workshop, a deposit of €85 is required with the balance of €100 to be paid two weeks before the workshop. The special hotel rate of €40 per night can be paid on departure.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. …”

– Rory

Vivian Maier Film Trailer

This is a short trailer for the upcoming documentary film Finding Vivian Maier Trailer. Looks like it will be compulsory viewing, if you’re a fan of mid 20th century street photography. I wrote a few posts about Vivian Maier here and here and here, and certainly I’m fascinated by this discovery and look forward to seeing an exhibition of her work sometime.

– Rory

Lomo Promo

wide. like expensive wide.

This is the new LC Wide from Lomo. Looks like another nice interesting toy camera. I like toy cameras, or more specifically, I love my Holga ($29.99). And I have a Lomo fisheye which was fun once. For a night. So now they have released the LC Wide which has a 17mm lens and features vignetting – an after affect of the lens being cheap and well, crap. It has some shutter speeds and some apertures and is made of plastic with no other controls to get in the way of your photography. You can use all kinds of film, as long as it’s 35mm. As long as you can still afford film. Cos the damn thing costs $389 which frankly is ludicrous, insulting, greedy, obnoxious and obviously is intended to smooth out the path between the Lomo executives and their Lear jet. My advise? Download some kind of hipstamatic app for your smart phone and save the $389 to buy an excellent second hand film camera with a good lens that does not vignette, and money left over for film. Or just pay your rent and feed your kids…

– Rory

** PS I couldn’t find a Euro price,  but I assume it’s just as ludicrous, if not more so

Jackie Nickerson on Arena tonight!

(c) Jackie Nickerson

I have been informed that Jackie Nickerson will be speaking on Arena on RTE radio 1 tonight (7.30pm). She will be discussing the Photo Ireland festival.

Jackie exhibited in the Sirius in Cobh in 2010, and spoke to students at CIT in March 2010. Miriam King was at that talk, and wrote about it in two parts, here and here.

– Rory

Powerful Portraits: What’s in a Face?

(c) Platon

Not in Dublin for Photo Ireland Festival? Faffing about in London? Then get yourself into The London School of Economics this evening. Photographer of the rich, famous and powerful, Platon, will be speaking to celebrate the publication of his new book, Power.

Currently staff photographer of the New Yorker magazine, Platon has photographed the worlds power holders, from Putin to Obama, and all between. He also made this portrait of Christopher Walken

(c) Platon

I’m not sure if this photo makes it into Power, but how cool is Christopher Walken?!

If you are in London, then get thee to the London School of Economics, Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, Wednesday, July 6th. It’s free, first come, first serve.

– Rory

** Thanks to WTJ

Stag & Deer “Home” at Photo Festival Ireland

Stag & Deer opened their exhibition, “Home”, in association with Photo Festival Ireland 2011, on Friday last, July 1st.

“… “Home” is a group exhibition showing work from national and international photographers Karen Miranda Rivadeneria and Dante Busquets. The theme is built around the domestic and the structure of life within a home.  We are very interested in the idea of a place that we call home and what encompasses home; the physical nature of the interior and exterior, human interactions/relations, memories and possessions. …”

The exhibition is running on North Great Georges St. in Dublin, and is a great opportunity to see these two photographers, and in a space you wouldn’t often have a chance to occupy.

The Photographers

Karen Miranda Rivadeneira is a 2005 graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Since 2006, she been working on projects that deal with identity and intimacy, collaborating with native communities and relatives as subjects for various photo-based projects. Karen’s work, Other Stories, some of which is showing in Home, was granted the New Works Photography Award by Enfoco.

Dante Busquets attended the San Francisco Art Institute where he studied photography with artists Pirkle Jones, Jack Fulton and Reagan Louie. ante recently received the grant Descubrimientos PHE México DF from the festival PhotoEspaña ’09, and the Leica Grant at FotoFest in Houston TX, USA, 2008.

The Curators

Stag & Deer is an exhibition-making project facilitating artists’ requirements by providing contemporary art space to exhibit work. We deal mainly with the medium of photography and our goal is in showcasing emerging contemporary art to the public. Our plan is to have exhibitions in temporary galleries and in site orientated locations.

The exhibition is open Tuesday to Saturday, 12 – 4pm, running until July 15th.

13 North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1

Calculated Attack

Ta Daa!!!

Cork Analogue Photographers collaborated with Guerilla Exhibition for a calculated attack on the streets of Dublin, on Friday morning, July 1st. The location was kept top secret until the morning, then the twitter machine kicked in and it went viral!

Part of Photo Ireland festival 2011, we “attacked” a disused shopfront on Drury St., brightening up a drab and grimy left over from the tiger bubble with some street art.

This was a bit of a departure from Guerilla Exhibitions usual style of putting a number of different prints up, pop-up gallery style. Instead, in tune with Photo Ireland festival’s theme of collaborative change, a negative was selected from Cork Analogue Photographers, and scanned and blown up by the Guerrilla’s, to create an enormous (6m wide) print to cover the whole shop front. The blow up was printed on 185 sheets of ordinary printing paper (special thanks to Exhibit A in Dublin for the scanning and printing). This was the first of it’s kind to be seen in Dublin, and it looks fantastic. There was a lot of measuring, planning, talking, measuring, sticky dots and fingers crossed in the hope that it would all come together. Here’s some photos of the work in progress.

Time lapse vid to come (Q Benny Hill music)

Sheets, lettered and numbered

First few sheets go up


Next time, we'll cut the sheets like a jigsaw

Getting there

Looks good!

Clone/stamp tool, analogue style ...

Yay! Street art!

Photo Festival Ireland Opening Night

Photo Ireland festival 2011 opened on Thursday, June 30th with the group exhibition, Mexican Worlds: 25 Contemporary Photographs, at the Sebastian Guinness Gallery, Connaught House, 1 Burlington Road, Dublin 4.

The 25 photographers that take part in this show are: Lorenzo Armendáriz, Carlos Cazalis, Livia Corona, Marco Antonio Cruz, Federico Gama, Maya Goded, Lourdes Grobet, Eniac Martínez, Francisco Mata, Dulce Pinzón, Yvonne Venegas, Patricia Aridjis, Cannon Bernáldez, Marianna Dellekamp, Daniela Edburg, Graciela Iturbide, Edgar Rolando Martínez, Fernando Montiel Klint, Yolanda Andrade, Dante Busquets, Gabriel Figueroa Flores, Pedro Meyer, Gerardo Montiel Klint, Rubén Ortiz Torres, and Gerardo Suter.

The festival was opened by Mr. Jimmy Deenihan, T.D. Minister for Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht Affairs.

There was a big attendance, and some great work on display. Well worth a visit.  If you have never been to the Sebastian Guinness Gallery, it’s between Baggot St. bridge and Leeson St. bridge, just off the canal.