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“… the alchemy of light on film …”

by Ralph Gibson

“… Digital is a great way of transferring information, but digital imaging systems are not photography, because photography has to do with the alchemy of light on film. Photography creates a new informationthat wasn’t there before, whereas digital transfers information that is in front of you. Like the telephone can transfer my words to your ear …” – Ralph Gibson

I’m loving “Photo – wisdom” by Lewis Blackwell. Purchased in Dublin last week (I was supposed to buy shoes), it contains work by fifty photographers, and an interview with each of them. The book is big, and while there’s just three or four pieces from each photographer, they are beautifully produced and large. Oh, and each photographer chose the work to be shown.

I’ve had the book just a few days, so am not not nearly familiar enough with it to do a full review, but already I’d put it on any photography lovers wish list!

– Rory