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Tommy Oshima

oshima_859296908_2b2f914069_oAgents by Tommy Oshima

I don’t look at Flickr half as much as I used to (picture overload!), but one photographer who always stuck out to me there was Tommy Oshima from Japan. His images are very beautiful and creative, and all film. For some reason he popped into my head this evening, and I had a new look to see what he’s up to. “Agents” above is just one of hundreds of great photographs on his page. Definately a guy I’d like to see exhibited on this side of the world.

– Rory


Featured comment by Tommy Oshima

“…  Thank you so much for this post and your compliments!
I’m quite honoured!

Few of my works will be hanged in one of the Gallery that will be opening in December in Amsterdam, as their Permanent Collection. I also wish I’ll be able to have my show in Ireland in the future! :)
I will announce more details about the Gallery in Amsterdam within a month, so please hold on.  ….”

Terry Richardson

Saw this on A Photo Editor. I like this video. I like his honesty, and his thoughts. His photography is great. A painting is never about a brush, not really. A painting becomes an object in its own right. Photography, in the same way, is never about the camera. A cursary glance at Flickr will tell you that. Nor is it about the light (ok, it’s all about light, but …). It’s about a vision, what someone sees, and how they make it work. I think Richardson’s work is full of energy, life and imagination. Knowing the right people helps of course. But it’s all about his vision. That’s what makes it work. To hell with the camera

– Rory

Tools of the trade


First scan in ages – got a load of negs back last week. This is Matt Thompson, friend and sculptor. Ilford FP4 scanned neg

– Rory

Lighting Lighting Lighting

Ok, this is a bit off topic for CorkAP, and I admit I lifted it straight from the very popular Strobist website, which of course is very digital centric. But none of that matters, because photography doesn’t exist without light, and flash existed long before digital cameras. So drop all your anti-digital preconceptions, and take a look at this very informative vid. It’s flash light made easy 🙂

– Rory

Mark Sink

niki_wetplate140 copy 2

Mark Sink is a Denver based Art Photographer specialising in the wet-plate collodion process. Some examples of his work can be seen on his blog page (click here). He also hosts workshops with The Denver Darkroom group and Working with Artists. This is something I’d really like to learn.

– Rory

Willy Ronis


“… The last of the great French mid-century photographers has died. Willy Ronis, who had been on dialysis and in a wheelchair for some time, entered a Paris hospital several days ago. Stephane Ledoux, head of Eyedea Presse, owner of Rapho agency, said he was “bright and spirited to the end.” He was 99.

Ronis is best known for his pictures of everyday life in Provence and in Paris, in particular the working-class districts of Belleville and Montmartre. His most famous picture is “Le Nu Provencal,” a nude of his wife, Marie-Anne Lansiaux, bending over a sink in a rustic bathroom. …”

Read On at The Online Photographer

– Rory

Coney Island Baby

Loved the imagery in this little film, and a great tune too from the imimitable Tom Waits. Nothing to do with photography mind you …

– Rory



“Reflections” was one suggestion for the name of our exhibition in Gallerie Nautique back in July. You know the kind of thing, thoughts of artists as they Reflect on life, the way a photograph Reflects reality, all that kind of artsy nonsense. “Echos” was another idea put forward. And dismissed forthwith. Who were we trying to fool? So we went with “Exhibition # 3”. No matter what pretentious idea you could come up with for a name like that, you can’t deny that it does what it says on the tin. It was our third exhibition. Exhibition # 3.

After the opening night (which was a great success, and thanks to all who came), we all pretty much forgot about photography for a while. To be honest although I had the paper, I really couldn’t face scanning it until today. Well, not so much couldn’t face, as couldn’t be bothered! But to use an old cliche, a break’s as good as a rest, and we’re raring to again. First meeting back is this Monday coming, and hopefully we’ll be back in the darkroom again soon too. Which will give us something to scan, and post up here. So, new work on the way, and less of me typing to myself (does anyone read this?) on a Saturday afternoon

– Rory