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David Kronn at the Lewis Gluckman gallery

Photograph from the Lewis Glucskman website. Click to go to the site.

The Lewis Glucksman gallery in Cork is currently showing a selection of works from the collection of David Cronn. This exhibition was first shown at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) during the summer of 2011, and has been reworked by the curatorial team at the Glucksman. See the Glucksman website for more details.

We are planning a trip to see the exhibition on Sat 4th February. We’ll be meeting at 1pm at the main gate to UCC on Western Road. Anyone who wishes to join us is more than welcome. It would be great to meet some fellow Cork photographers!

– Rory

Paris Photo

Join the dots - Paris Photo 2011 by Google

I was there last year, but didn’t make it this year. Perusing my daily selection of photo talk in the blogmosphere, I wish I had made it. Maybe next year … Anyway, James Danziger wrote a great review of Paris Photo 2011 on his blog (here). They’ve moved the main exhibition space away from the Louvre and into the Grand Palais, and sounds like it was a move for the better. Of course Paris Photo is not just about the main event – it’s about the hundreds of little galleries and spaces showing photography all over the city center. My favourite memories from last year are walking up through the 6th arrondissement to our hotel late at night, noses pressed against the cold glass of the little shop and gallery windows as we walked by, and an assortment of photographs gazing back out at us from the dimly lit interiors. And the pause for another glass of house red!

– Rory

GoGo Clare Gallagher

(c) Clare Gallagher

Northern Irish photographer Clare Galllagher recently sold an image to the Gift Of Gift Of program.

Gift of Gift of’s mission is to offer young art patrons an egalitarian opportunity to impact large collecting institutions and to aid emerging artists at a critical point in their careers.

Each year Gift of Gift of organizes an event in which photographs are exhibited for the consideration of collective purchase, to be offered as a donation to a major collecting institution. Event attendees receive a set number of votes with the purchase of event tickets. Attendees then vote on which of the exhibited artworks they think should become part of a museum’s permanent collection. Those artworks with the highest number of votes will be purchased with the pooled funds.

Clare earned a MFA Photography with Distinction at University of Ulster,Belfast, during 2009-2011. She has  exhibited in Belfast, Dublin, Montpellier, London, New York and Houston and will be shown later this year in Bratislava and Delhi. She is also a shortlisted artist for Saatchi’s New Sensations 2011.

I came across this news on Lenscratch

– Rory

(c) Clare Gallagher





Feeling Rejected? Try Portrait Salon!

From Portrait Salon’s Tumblr

Portrait Salon is a form of Salon des Refusés – an exhibition of works rejected from a juried art show – which has a long tradition as a fringe way of showcasing artists’ work that may otherwise go unseen. Devised by two portrait photographers, who are both based in London and are professionally involved in the city’s photographic community, Portrait Salon aims to show the best of the unselected entries from the National Portrait Gallery Photography Prize. We figure that, out of the 6000+ rejected entries, there must be some damn fine portraits which deserve to be shown.

We want to see these portraits, and we want to celebrate their brilliance with a projection (time and place to be confirmed) which no doubt will be accompanied by a little bit of a party. The projection will be curated, so we will be selecting the best portraits that we receive. But we expect to show a much higher percentage of work than at the National Gallery.

If you submitted work to the National Gallery Photography Portrait Prize and got rejected, please email a jpeg of your submission to The images need to be jpegs, at 1000 pixels on the longest edge. And please spread the word about this… we want as many submissions as we can!

– Rory

Simon Norfolk at Belfast Photo Festival

Spotted this on A Photo Student. Simon Norfolk at the Belfast Photo Festival. Great talk. Wish I had had the time to get up for it.

– Rory

Stag & Deer “Home” at Photo Festival Ireland

Stag & Deer opened their exhibition, “Home”, in association with Photo Festival Ireland 2011, on Friday last, July 1st.

“… “Home” is a group exhibition showing work from national and international photographers Karen Miranda Rivadeneria and Dante Busquets. The theme is built around the domestic and the structure of life within a home.  We are very interested in the idea of a place that we call home and what encompasses home; the physical nature of the interior and exterior, human interactions/relations, memories and possessions. …”

The exhibition is running on North Great Georges St. in Dublin, and is a great opportunity to see these two photographers, and in a space you wouldn’t often have a chance to occupy.

The Photographers

Karen Miranda Rivadeneira is a 2005 graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Since 2006, she been working on projects that deal with identity and intimacy, collaborating with native communities and relatives as subjects for various photo-based projects. Karen’s work, Other Stories, some of which is showing in Home, was granted the New Works Photography Award by Enfoco.

Dante Busquets attended the San Francisco Art Institute where he studied photography with artists Pirkle Jones, Jack Fulton and Reagan Louie. ante recently received the grant Descubrimientos PHE México DF from the festival PhotoEspaña ’09, and the Leica Grant at FotoFest in Houston TX, USA, 2008.

The Curators

Stag & Deer is an exhibition-making project facilitating artists’ requirements by providing contemporary art space to exhibit work. We deal mainly with the medium of photography and our goal is in showcasing emerging contemporary art to the public. Our plan is to have exhibitions in temporary galleries and in site orientated locations.

The exhibition is open Tuesday to Saturday, 12 – 4pm, running until July 15th.

13 North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1

Calculated Attack

Ta Daa!!!

Cork Analogue Photographers collaborated with Guerilla Exhibition for a calculated attack on the streets of Dublin, on Friday morning, July 1st. The location was kept top secret until the morning, then the twitter machine kicked in and it went viral!

Part of Photo Ireland festival 2011, we “attacked” a disused shopfront on Drury St., brightening up a drab and grimy left over from the tiger bubble with some street art.

This was a bit of a departure from Guerilla Exhibitions usual style of putting a number of different prints up, pop-up gallery style. Instead, in tune with Photo Ireland festival’s theme of collaborative change, a negative was selected from Cork Analogue Photographers, and scanned and blown up by the Guerrilla’s, to create an enormous (6m wide) print to cover the whole shop front. The blow up was printed on 185 sheets of ordinary printing paper (special thanks to Exhibit A in Dublin for the scanning and printing). This was the first of it’s kind to be seen in Dublin, and it looks fantastic. There was a lot of measuring, planning, talking, measuring, sticky dots and fingers crossed in the hope that it would all come together. Here’s some photos of the work in progress.

Time lapse vid to come (Q Benny Hill music)

Sheets, lettered and numbered

First few sheets go up


Next time, we'll cut the sheets like a jigsaw

Getting there

Looks good!

Clone/stamp tool, analogue style ...

Yay! Street art!

Photo Festival Ireland Opening Night

Photo Ireland festival 2011 opened on Thursday, June 30th with the group exhibition, Mexican Worlds: 25 Contemporary Photographs, at the Sebastian Guinness Gallery, Connaught House, 1 Burlington Road, Dublin 4.

The 25 photographers that take part in this show are: Lorenzo Armendáriz, Carlos Cazalis, Livia Corona, Marco Antonio Cruz, Federico Gama, Maya Goded, Lourdes Grobet, Eniac Martínez, Francisco Mata, Dulce Pinzón, Yvonne Venegas, Patricia Aridjis, Cannon Bernáldez, Marianna Dellekamp, Daniela Edburg, Graciela Iturbide, Edgar Rolando Martínez, Fernando Montiel Klint, Yolanda Andrade, Dante Busquets, Gabriel Figueroa Flores, Pedro Meyer, Gerardo Montiel Klint, Rubén Ortiz Torres, and Gerardo Suter.

The festival was opened by Mr. Jimmy Deenihan, T.D. Minister for Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht Affairs.

There was a big attendance, and some great work on display. Well worth a visit.  If you have never been to the Sebastian Guinness Gallery, it’s between Baggot St. bridge and Leeson St. bridge, just off the canal.


Lenscratch online exhibition

Aline Smithson has announced new categories for the ongoing Lenscratch online exhibitions. To see the latest, go to the Lenscratch blog post here.

Lenscratch is creating exposure opportunities for photographers with group on-line exhibitions. Photographers will be allowed ONE entry per exhibition and ALL photographs will be published. 

Obviously, this being the interweb, anybody can hold an online exhibition, and you can upload your photos pretty much anywhere. But Lenscratch would, in my opinion, fall into some kind of “better blog” category for photography and art. So it would be pretty cool to be part of this online exhibition! I’m going to enter something anyway

– Rory

Miriam O’Connor featured on Lenscratch

(c) Miriam O'Connor

Excellent contemporary photography blog Lenscratch has featured Cork born photographer Miriam O’Connor this week. Miriam’s upcoming solo exhibition Attention Seekers will be at Third Space Gallery, Belfast – in conjunction with Belfast Photo Festival – August, 2011.

Read more about Miriam O’Connor at Lenscratch here, and at Miriam’s own page here.

– Rory

Heaven is Under Construction

(c) Mirjam Siefert

If you are in the Cork area (Cobh specifically) next Thursday, June 9th, this opening would be worth attending.

Heaven is Under Construction reflects the artist’s daily life through captivating black and white imagery. Siefert transforms mundane moments into poetic impressions of the places and people she passes. A collection of enigmatic photographs which hold within them a visual language evoking a plethora of emotions; sometimes captured as if from the periphery of her vision, quite by accident. At other points the works convey very direct confrontations of her intimate surroundings, through a mixture of portraiture and landscape, which resonate with a strong inner soundtrack of empathy and intensity.

Photographer Mirjam Siefert was born in Southern Germany in 1978 and presently lives and works in Berlin. She is a founding member of Pavlov’s Dog Gallery and also of the photographic collective “neunplus”, both of which are located in Berlin. Her works have been exhibited internationally in Tokyo, Krakow, Paris, Moscow, Dublin, Denmark, Brussels and Istanbul just to name a few locations.

– Rory

Photo Ireland 2011 Guerlilla Exhibition

Guerilla Exhibition

Guerilla Exhibition are teaming up with Cork Analogue Photographers to create the first pop-up gallery during the Photo Ireland Festival.

Read more here

This is a pretty exciting collaboration for Cork Analogue Photographers and Guerilla Exhibition. Watch out for us on the streets of Dublin this summer!

– Rory

London Street Photography

© Richard Bram/ Courtesy Museum of London

Time to get the calender out and book another day trip to London.

In January 2009 I was lucky enough to see Michael Kenna‘s work at a solo show at the HackelBury Gallery in  London. I wouldn’t be a huge landscape fan, but Kenna’s work is an exception (and exceptional).

And last year I went with fellow CorkAP-er Dee Moriarty to see Exposed in the Tate Modern, and the ever controversial Sally Mann at the Photographer’s Gallery – The Family and the Land. And various other bits and bobs around the city too.

London is an easy city to get to from Cork, with very regular flights, and pretty cheap if you fly off peak. I got a ticket for 30-odd euro return last summer, flying out at 7am and back at about 9 that night. So you get pretty much the full day to see a few exhibitions, lunch in the city, and a pint somewhere before heading home.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be over this year, but it looks like there’s a reason for another day trip now. The Museum of London are hosting a London Street Photography exhibition until Sept 4th, 2011, featuring photographers from the 1860’s to the present day. You can read some more about it at the Museum of London’s website and at various places around the web. And of course I heard about it from a guy in the States – Mike Johnson at The Online Photographer.

So looks like I’ll have to get onto the airlines websites and find a cheap seat to London in the next few months. I think I’ll wait till it gets a bit warmer though. May could be nice 🙂

– Rory

Tonight’s openings

Afters… is a Photography exhibition of work Stephen Aherne and Stefania Sapio.

Stephen Aherne CLOSE TO HOME

Stephen Aherne won the Gallery of Photography Artist’s Awards in 2010 which included a show at the gallery, a selection of which will be shown in this exhibition. Close to Home, published by the Gallery of Photography is now available.
“I am interested in the difference between looking at something and looking at a colour photograph of that same thing, whether it’s something I’m seeing for the first time or a scene I’ve encountered everyday for years. Rather than seek out the unusual, I want to make pictures of my own environment, wherever that may be.” Stephen Aherne.

Stefania Sapio TAME

Stefania Sapio’s photographs were featured in Issue 63, Summer 2010 edition of Source Photographic Review, and received the following editorial:
“Stefania Sapio has photographed her family over a number of years always aware that she is part of what she is recording. As a single mother she is also aware how her life has ‘been cropped to a very tight frame of action’. Out of intensity of this experience comes an intimacy with the people she has photographed and a feeling ‘that she has an inability to reach a total understanding of them’.“ Source Photographic Review.

This opening is this evening, Wed 9th, at 5pm, in St. Johns college.

Also opening:


Wandseford Quay Gallery, tonight Wed 9th at 6.30pm. Opening by Phil Toledano and Doug Dubois

Photographic works from the students of CIT Crawford College of Art & Design. The students come from a diverse range of disciplines within Art and Design. For some, photography represents an aspect of their creative project, while for others it is the principal medium within their emerging fine art practice. START celebrates this diversity and the bridging role played by photography.  START is just the beginning.

– Rory


Lighting the edges

Ann O'Kelly

Councillor Paula Desmond, Cork County Council

Will formally open

Lighting the Edges

An Exhibition of Photographs by

Ann O’Kelly


Saturday, 5th February, 2011 at 2pm


The  Bishopstown Library, Wilton, Cork.

You are cordially invited to attend.

The exhibition will run from 31st January to 26th February2011 during Library opening hours.

(c) Ann O'Kelly

(c) Ann O'Kelly

About the Exhibition

The exhibition came about as a result of the Radio Telefis Eireann Documentary on One series.

In October 2008, a programme entitled There is a Darkness on the Edge of Town was broadcast. It dealt with the response of Tallaght Traveller Youth Services (TTYS) to the high number of suicides within the Traveller community in the area.

The photographs in this exhibition, as well as documenting the work of TTYS highlight important features of the lives of Traveller people living in Tallaght: their homes, work and play, educational activity, participation in the wider community, animals, faith and religion and honouring those who have gone before them.

It is hoped, as well as documenting the lives of the community, that these photographs will serve as a counter balance to the negative image which is often portrayed of Travellers in Ireland. The exhibition is dedicated to the children, women and men of St Aiden’s, Cherryfield, Hazel Hill, Ballycreagh and Kishogue Halting sites and to the staff of Tallaght Traveller Youth Services.

From Galway, Ann O’Kelly, has spent the last three years in Cork where she studied photography at The  Crawford School of Art & Design.  Working exclusively in film, she is a founder member of Cork Analogue Photographers She has participated in three group exhibitions in Cork. Lighting the Edges, her first solo exhibition, was first shown in Tallaght in May 2010. Ann is currently a student on the Crawford School of Art and Design Course: Arts participation and Community Development. She can be contacted at

Sincere thanks to Bishopstown Library, Cork for hosting this exhibition

(c) Ann O'Kelly