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farewell, hello, eyesoup!

© eyesoup

It is with a little sadness that I find myself writing this post. Because this is the last post I will be writing for Cork Analogue Photographers. In it’s current form, we have decided to finish the group. Thanks to all who have supported us over the past few years, we really enjoyed the ride!

However, this is not of course the end. Like all endings, it’s just a new begining.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to (drumroll!)  eyesoup.

Cork Analogue Photographers was set up back in 2008 by a group of friends with a shared interest in film photography. Though still friends, and lovers of film, times have changed, and we need to move on a bit.

These days smart phones have replaced compact cameras, and pretty much everybody is tweeting or FBing, tumblering or 500pxing. Photography and the sharing of photographs has become so easy an ubiquitous that even us diehard film heads are at it.

We’re not casting film aside, but we want to incorporate all of photography, instead of excluding the majority. We love photography in all it’s forms and just want more of it.

So we set up eyesoup.

We want eyesoup to become a little hub, a place to meet and chat, talk photography, and challenge each other. We will be running projects, online galleries, print exhibitions, talks, tutorials … big ideas! We don’t think we can do it alone, we’ll need help, and we’d love you to join in.

Film is still a big part of our future plans. There’s new darkrooms being opened in Cork at the moment, for the first time in years. We’ll be talking more about them soon. But photography and art is not about film or digital. It’s not about the camera. It’s about light, and it’s about seeing.

We’re still in our teething phase, and the website is in it’s infancy. So far I have imported the old CorkAP blog posts, and written this one. So please bear with us and check in again over the coming days and weeks.

And keep taking pictures!

– Rory

Monochrome Meath 2012 workshops

River Boyne & Tree © Monochrome Meath

Peter in Monochrome Meath sent me a list of some upcoming workshops today –

Here’s a quick list of workshops arranged for the first half of 2012.

Beginner’s Darkroom Workshop – 28th January – Trim, Co. Meath. – Cost €75


Colour Printing (RA4) – 18th February – Trim, Co. Meath. – Cost €75


Available Light Portrait Photography with Peter Evers. (Suitable for both film & digital users) – Date to be arranged for Dublin in March. – Cost €85


B&W Landscape Photography Weekend Workshop – 20th to 22nd April – The Burren, Co. Clare – Cost €185


B&W Infrared Film Photography Workshop – 26th May – Trim Castle & Bective Abbey – Cost €75

Full details can be seen here:



Worth checking out is you are looking for photography workshop over the next few months.

– Rory

Kodachrome documentary

Nice little documentary about Kodachrome, the first colour film, which was discontinued in 2010. Worth 10 mins of your time

– Rory

Project 12: John Hough

© John Hough

© John Hough

Loco Promo

I’ve been meaning to drop the word for a few local Irish business’s that should be of interest to photographers here on the auld sod. *

First up, opened a few months ago is The Photo Shop, an online supplier of darkroom supplies – film, paper, chemistry, as well as some darkroom gear like trays, tanks, reels etc. Competitively priced and reasonable shipping

Next up is Right Brain. This Cork based printing company who specialise in working with visual artists and creative professionals. They are the only Epson Digigraphie certified print lab in Ireland, and one of Hahnemühle’s Certified Fine Art Print Studios for digital Fine-Art Printing.

Finally, if you are Cork based, or within reasonable commuting distance of Cork city, watch out for The Dark Room @ Camden Palace Hotel. The Dark Room aims  to support and encourage the photographic community in Cork
by providing a broad range of resources, both in terms of a physical place to
work and a forum for exchanging ideas. Offering traditional darkroom printing and film processing facilities along with workshops talks and courses exploring the many aspects of photography.

– Rory

* Note we do not have any affiliation with these businesses. They are local and supporting the photographic and artist community in Ireland. If you’re buying, try to buy Irish!

Not negative!

Stare at the red dot on the nose intently for about 30 seconds, then look up at the ceiling and blink rapidly. might help to get close to the screen.

Thanks to Anthony Cronin

– Rory

Project 12: Rory O’Toole

Old life / new life …

– Rory

Project 12: Pat Byrne

©Pat Byrne

“… project 12 , christmas mountain walk , Really getting inspired by 2011 photograph malarkey , under the tutelage of glenda jackson lookalike, and Rorys great homemade Cake making skill …”

©Pat Byrne

“… Project 12 , White cat symbolizes Good luck, so I am hoping that all of us have some in New Year …”

– Pat Byrne

Project 12: Brian Dunne

©Brian Dunne

“… the old is the picture of the film camera by the bin saying goodbye to cork ap and the new is the digital camera with the kinda early daffodil shoots coming up i.e. the new the old one was taken with my film app on phone and the other with a compact digital camera…”

– Brian Dunne

Project 12: Padraig Spillane

©Padraig Pillane

“… Taken with my camera phone in the darkness. …”

©Pagraig Spillane

“… Taken on a camera phone with flash from that little fella, daylight and a big aul security light force shining down. …”

– Padraig Spillane

Project 12: Sarah Levy

© Sarah Levy

“… It’s probably breaking the rules a lot but it’s two photographs I merged together! One I took of a huge group of birds in Fota and the other is of an Arctic Wolf I took in Dublin zoo. I took them recently and I’m interested in how animals migrate and escape. I think the next year will involve a lot of escaping! …”

– Sarah Levy

Project 12: Something old, something new

An old photos of some old Cork Analogue Photographers. In a field.

We haven’t been blogging for a while, and there’s a reason why. Cork Analogue Photographers have become a little jaded lately. Motivation has been down, and we have trouble arranging to meet up. We want to be more inclusive, and interact with more people. Maybe people who don’t live in Cork. Maybe some who don’t even shoot film. So we’re coming up with a plan, and the plan is being planned (to use a Dr. Suessism!). I’ll tell you more in the New Year, but to mark the end of 2011, and looking forward to 2012, we have come up with a little project.

We’d love if you took part. The rules are simple –

1. Shoot two photos at anytime between Dec 24th and Jan 1st. The photos should say something about the end of 2011, and the begining of 2012. Doesn’t have to be a world scale reflection and projection, can just be something personal too.

2. Use any camera, film, digital, phone, whatever’s easiest for you

3. Post the photos on CorkAP’s Facebook wall – (post both in the same post using Create an Album – many photos)

Enjoy it, have fun!

– Rory


(c) Andreas Gursky

Read more on the worlds 2nd best photo website here.

– Rory




screen grab from (photo by albert watson)

Landscape B&W Photography Workshop

(c) Monochrome Meath

Peter from Monochrome Meath emailed me asking us to let you know about an upcoming b+w workshop he is running on the weekend of September 16th. It sounds great! If you would like to attend then contact Peter through the Monochrome Meath website.

The following is his email:

“… I am delighted to confirm that the Landscape B&W Photography Workshop to be run in the Burren in county Clare is now set for 16th, 17th & 18th of September. The cost of the workshop is €185 per person. 

Taking you from the initial camera exposure, through development of the film and finishing with the print, this weekend workshop promises to be an unmissable event.

The workshop is designed to suit both beginners and advanced film photographers and caters for those shooting 35mm, medium format or large format. As well as scheduled demonstrations, I will be on-hand to assist each participant during the weekend, whatever level they are at.

 Three excursions into the beautiful Burren landscape and also on the coast of Galway Bay will be made during the weekend to practice various exposure techniques at different times of the day, with different lighting conditions. This will cover the following:

 Different metering techniques

Long exposures

Multiple exposures

Reciprocity considerations

Using Infrared films

 Having exposed your films, we will then use various film developing techniques such as:

 Stand development

Two-Bath Contrast Compensating development

Use of Staining developers.

 Printing techniques to be demonstrated and then used my each participant include:

 Split Grade Printing


Lith Printing


Coating of Liquid Emulsion on canvas & then printing on it.

 We will be based in Ballyvaughan which is just two kilometres from the Buren College of Art which is where our Darkroom facilities are located. Ballyvaughan is a lovely village located on the coast with lots of pubs and restaurants. All the locations we will be photographing are within a ten minute drive. I have negotiated a group rate for the highly recommended Logues Lodge Hotel. They are offering us a reduced bed and breakfast rate of €40 for single rooms en suite. The lodge serves meals all day and I have dinned there and found the food excellent.

 The college has two darkrooms equipped with excellent enlargers and facilities. There is a third room for film development which can be used at any time over the weekend. In fact, the darkrooms are open until 10pm each day which provides us with great opportunities to come and go as we please.

 The workshop will start at 4pm on the Friday and finish at 5pm on the Sunday.

 Places are limited and the hotel is holding rooms for the next week, so please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to attend this workshop. If anyone prefers to stay at an alternative hotel or B&B etc., then that’s perfectly fine.

 To book your place on the workshop, a deposit of €85 is required with the balance of €100 to be paid two weeks before the workshop. The special hotel rate of €40 per night can be paid on departure.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. …”

– Rory