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Lenscratch online exhibition

Aline Smithson has announced new categories for the ongoing Lenscratch online exhibitions. To see the latest, go to the Lenscratch blog post here.

Lenscratch is creating exposure opportunities for photographers with group on-line exhibitions. Photographers will be allowed ONE entry per exhibition and ALL photographs will be published. 

Obviously, this being the interweb, anybody can hold an online exhibition, and you can upload your photos pretty much anywhere. But Lenscratch would, in my opinion, fall into some kind of “better blog” category for photography and art. So it would be pretty cool to be part of this online exhibition! I’m going to enter something anyway

– Rory

Miriam O’Connor featured on Lenscratch

(c) Miriam O'Connor

Excellent contemporary photography blog Lenscratch has featured Cork born photographer Miriam O’Connor this week. Miriam’s upcoming solo exhibition Attention Seekers will be at Third Space Gallery, Belfast – in conjunction with Belfast Photo Festival – August, 2011.

Read more about Miriam O’Connor at Lenscratch here, and at Miriam’s own page here.

– Rory

Heaven is Under Construction

(c) Mirjam Siefert

If you are in the Cork area (Cobh specifically) next Thursday, June 9th, this opening would be worth attending.

Heaven is Under Construction reflects the artist’s daily life through captivating black and white imagery. Siefert transforms mundane moments into poetic impressions of the places and people she passes. A collection of enigmatic photographs which hold within them a visual language evoking a plethora of emotions; sometimes captured as if from the periphery of her vision, quite by accident. At other points the works convey very direct confrontations of her intimate surroundings, through a mixture of portraiture and landscape, which resonate with a strong inner soundtrack of empathy and intensity.

Photographer Mirjam Siefert was born in Southern Germany in 1978 and presently lives and works in Berlin. She is a founding member of Pavlov’s Dog Gallery and also of the photographic collective “neunplus”, both of which are located in Berlin. Her works have been exhibited internationally in Tokyo, Krakow, Paris, Moscow, Dublin, Denmark, Brussels and Istanbul just to name a few locations.

– Rory

Vivian Maier in colour

Photograph by Vivian Maier © 2011 Maloof Collection, Ltd.

I was browsing the new Vivian Maier website, and noticed that there is a small colour portfolio (or color if you are Stateside!). While the vast majority of the work on the website is b+w, her colour work does have it’s merits. Certainly when Maier worked in colour, it was the colour that seems to have caught her attention – case in point the photo above. Well, the colour may have caught her eye in this one, but what really catches the eye is her sense of humour – this photo is hilarious! While the colour work on the website is not profuse (9 images versus nearly 200 b+w), it is certainly excellent, some of the shots reminding me of Saul Leiter or even Eggleston.

Photograph by Vivian Maier © 2011 Maloof Collection, Ltd

If you haven’t seen the new Vivian Maier website, take a look at it here. There’s also a book in the works which hopefully will be as excellent as what we have seen on the web so far.

– Rory

** Looks like there is a Vivian Maier exhibition coming up in London next week – see this link. Thanks to Barry Walsh for the tip

HCB on photography

This is a lovely short film, well slideshow really. Henry Cartier Bresson talks about photography and his photographs, in a short film made by Cornell Capa in 1973. Boil the kettle, take a break, get comfy, and enjoy.

I came across this via TOP – isn’t the internet great!

– Rory

** Edit July 6th.  Looks like this video got pulled. Hope ya caught it before it came down. It can be purchased on DVD here