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Project 12: John Hough

© John Hough

© John Hough

Project 12: Rory O’Toole

Old life / new life …

– Rory

Project 12: Pat Byrne

©Pat Byrne

“… project 12 , christmas mountain walk , Really getting inspired by 2011 photograph malarkey , under the tutelage of glenda jackson lookalike, and Rorys great homemade Cake making skill …”

©Pat Byrne

“… Project 12 , White cat symbolizes Good luck, so I am hoping that all of us have some in New Year …”

– Pat Byrne

Project 12: Brian Dunne

©Brian Dunne

“… the old is the picture of the film camera by the bin saying goodbye to cork ap and the new is the digital camera with the kinda early daffodil shoots coming up i.e. the new the old one was taken with my film app on phone and the other with a compact digital camera…”

– Brian Dunne

Project 12: Padraig Spillane

©Padraig Pillane

“… Taken with my camera phone in the darkness. …”

©Pagraig Spillane

“… Taken on a camera phone with flash from that little fella, daylight and a big aul security light force shining down. …”

– Padraig Spillane

Project 12: Sarah Levy

© Sarah Levy

“… It’s probably breaking the rules a lot but it’s two photographs I merged together! One I took of a huge group of birds in Fota and the other is of an Arctic Wolf I took in Dublin zoo. I took them recently and I’m interested in how animals migrate and escape. I think the next year will involve a lot of escaping! …”

– Sarah Levy

Happy New year & don’t forget Project 12

Well it’s the last day of 2011, and it’s been quite a year for the world. Between earthquakes and tsunami’s, fallen dictators and economic crashes, it has been, as they say, interesting times. One of the biggest shocks in the photojournalism world was the death of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros, a very sad loss.

But the world keeps turning, so here’s to 2012, and wishing you all the best and a very happy New Year.

A quick reminder of our December 21st blog post, Project 12: Something old, something new

We’d love if you took part. The rules are simple –

1. Shoot two photos at anytime between Dec 24th and Jan 1st. The photos should say something about the end of 2011, and the begining of 2012. Doesn’t have to be a world scale reflection and projection, can just be something personal too.

2. Use any camera, film, digital, phone, whatever’s easiest for you

3. Post the photos on CorkAP’s Facebook wall – https://www.facebook.com/corkap

I should add one more rule –

4. Rules are guidelines, be creative and break them …

If the camera has gotten dusty over the past week, but you have two photos that meet the spirit of the project, go ahead and post them. It’s just for fun!

Now, need to check the beer situation for tonights festivities …

– Rory

** Adendum. Looks like we can’t create photo albums on the FB page. Therefore just upload the photos one at a time, or create a jpeg with both photos on it, if you are technically minded!!