Lomo Promo

wide. like expensive wide.

This is the new LC Wide from Lomo. Looks like another nice interesting toy camera. I like toy cameras, or more specifically, I love my Holga ($29.99). And I have a Lomo fisheye which was fun once. For a night. So now they have released the LC Wide which has a 17mm lens and features vignetting – an after affect of the lens being cheap and well, crap. It has some shutter speeds and some apertures and is made of plastic with no other controls to get in the way of your photography. You can use all kinds of film, as long as it’s 35mm. As long as you can still afford film. Cos the damn thing costs $389 which frankly is ludicrous, insulting, greedy, obnoxious and obviously is intended to smooth out the path between the Lomo executives and their Lear jet. My advise? Download some kind of hipstamatic app for your smart phone and save the $389 to buy an excellent second hand film camera with a good lens that does not vignette, and money left over for film. Or just pay your rent and feed your kids…

– Rory

** PS I couldn’t find a Euro price,  but I assume it’s just as ludicrous, if not more so

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