Tonight’s openings

Afters… is a Photography exhibition of work Stephen Aherne and Stefania Sapio.

Stephen Aherne CLOSE TO HOME

Stephen Aherne won the Gallery of Photography Artist’s Awards in 2010 which included a show at the gallery, a selection of which will be shown in this exhibition. Close to Home, published by the Gallery of Photography is now available.
“I am interested in the difference between looking at something and looking at a colour photograph of that same thing, whether it’s something I’m seeing for the first time or a scene I’ve encountered everyday for years. Rather than seek out the unusual, I want to make pictures of my own environment, wherever that may be.” Stephen Aherne.

Stefania Sapio TAME

Stefania Sapio’s photographs were featured in Issue 63, Summer 2010 edition of Source Photographic Review, and received the following editorial:
“Stefania Sapio has photographed her family over a number of years always aware that she is part of what she is recording. As a single mother she is also aware how her life has ‘been cropped to a very tight frame of action’. Out of intensity of this experience comes an intimacy with the people she has photographed and a feeling ‘that she has an inability to reach a total understanding of them’.“ Source Photographic Review.

This opening is this evening, Wed 9th, at 5pm, in St. Johns college.

Also opening:


Wandseford Quay Gallery, tonight Wed 9th at 6.30pm. Opening by Phil Toledano and Doug Dubois

Photographic works from the students of CIT Crawford College of Art & Design. The students come from a diverse range of disciplines within Art and Design. For some, photography represents an aspect of their creative project, while for others it is the principal medium within their emerging fine art practice. START celebrates this diversity and the bridging role played by photography.  START is just the beginning.

– Rory


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