Paris Photo

Join the dots - Paris Photo 2011 by Google

I was there last year, but didn’t make it this year. Perusing my daily selection of photo talk in the blogmosphere, I wish I had made it. Maybe next year … Anyway, James Danziger wrote a great review of Paris Photo 2011 on his blog (here). They’ve moved the main exhibition space away from the Louvre and into the Grand Palais, and sounds like it was a move for the better. Of course Paris Photo is not just about the main event – it’s about the hundreds of little galleries and spaces showing photography all over the city center. My favourite memories from last year are walking up through the 6th arrondissement to our hotel late at night, noses pressed against the cold glass of the little shop and gallery windows as we walked by, and an assortment of photographs gazing back out at us from the dimly lit interiors. And the pause for another glass of house red!

– Rory

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