Online Publications #1 – SuperMassiveBlackHole Magazine

SuperMassiveBlackHole Issue 5

The first online photography magazine I want to share with you is SuperMassiveBlackHole Magazine. They say its “Ireland’s first international online photography magazine.” Its published 3 times a year and is available to download for free as PDF, both for screen and for print. Each issue has a theme, for example the current issue no5 is Intimacy. The contributing photographers are from all over the world but there is always a good representation of Irish photographers. Each photographer has a small sample of their work published, but it is enough to get a feel for their work and if you want to see more you can follow the link to their website. Each issue chooses one photographer and project for a more in depth look in ‘Focus’ and ‘Project’, and ‘Talk’ contains articles, interviews & reviews on current or recent exhibitions.

I like the wide range of work showcased in SuperMassiveBlackHole, from analog to digital, found photographs to video art, portraits to highly conceptual work. And during the summer they even moved out into the ‘offline’ world, when they exhibited the work of five photographers in the New Living Art Exhibition 2010 at the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art.

SuperMassiveBlackHole advertises for submissions for each upcoming magazine, so look out for that if you want to be involved. In the meantime all the past issues of the magazine are available in the archives and you can follow all their latest news on their blog.



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