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Maria Mochnacz

(c) Maria Mochnacz

I was listening to some early PJ Harvey as I worked the other day, and was admiring the photography on the record sleeve. I did a bit of googling and found that the photographer was Maria Mochnacz, a lo-fi fine art photographer – just the type of photographer we like here at CorkAP!

On the photo above, the cover of PJ Harvey’s “Rid of Me”, Maria says

This is the cover of “rid of me” pollys first album for island records.when I took this image to the record company & said this is what we want to use for the cover they said great,dont worry we can clean up the muck on the wall,the drips & the plant & I had to say,no – its supposed to be like that – its part of the was taken in pitch black in my bathroom with a flash i remember my housemate Mark who I shared with at the time banging on the bathroom door while we were in there & i was shouting back “fuck off, we’re making art” – in a friendly manner,of course.

Here’s my own copy, in it’s glorious 12″ sleeve – cd covers just ain’t the same (and as for downloads…) !

PJ Harvey sleeve by Maria Mochnacz (c)

Check out Maria’s website for more great lo-fi photography – musicians, fashion and personal work

Barry & Deb (c) Maria Mochnacz

– Rory