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Martin O’Connor – Wet Plate Collodion Photography in Limerick

Limerick based photographer Martin O’Connor posted a comment today on a blog post from a while back about Wet Plate Collodion photographer Mark Sink. He also linked to a youtube video that he made just a few days ago shooting on the street in Limerick. This was just so exciting and cool and different that I knew it needed a blog post of its own. How can a process so old seem so new? People were interested in images appearing on the screens of the back of digital cameras and phones 10 years ago, but seeing an image appear on a plate of glass after it has been immersed in baths of chemicals right there on the street is something else again. Well done Martin – would love to see you do this live!

Click here for the vid.

– Rory

Mark Sink

niki_wetplate140 copy 2

Mark Sink is a Denver based Art Photographer specialising in the wet-plate collodion process. Some examples of his work can be seen on his blog page (click here). He also hosts workshops with The Denver Darkroom group and Working with Artists. This is something I’d really like to learn.

– Rory

“I’m so worried that I’m going to perfect this someday”

Sally Mann talks about taking photographs on landscapes that were battle fields during the American Civil War, and goes on to take about the collodion process that she uses and the serendipity of imperfection.

– Rory