Loco Promo

I’ve been meaning to drop the word for a few local Irish business’s that should be of interest to photographers here on the auld sod. *

First up, opened a few months ago is The Photo Shop, an online supplier of darkroom supplies – film, paper, chemistry, as well as some darkroom gear like trays, tanks, reels etc. Competitively priced and reasonable shipping

Next up is Right Brain. This Cork based printing company who specialise in working with visual artists and creative professionals. They are the only Epson Digigraphie certified print lab in Ireland, and one of Hahnemühle’s Certified Fine Art Print Studios for digital Fine-Art Printing.

Finally, if you are Cork based, or within reasonable commuting distance of Cork city, watch out for The Dark Room @ Camden Palace Hotel. The Dark Room aims  to support and encourage the photographic community in Cork
by providing a broad range of resources, both in terms of a physical place to
work and a forum for exchanging ideas. Offering traditional darkroom printing and film processing facilities along with workshops talks and courses exploring the many aspects of photography.

– Rory

* Note we do not have any affiliation with these businesses. They are local and supporting the photographic and artist community in Ireland. If you’re buying, try to buy Irish!


Not negative!

Stare at the red dot on the nose intently for about 30 seconds, then look up at the ceiling and blink rapidly. might help to get close to the screen.

Thanks to Anthony Cronin

– Rory

Project 12: Rory O’Toole

Old life / new life …

– Rory

Project 12: Pat Byrne

©Pat Byrne

“… project 12 , christmas mountain walk , Really getting inspired by 2011 photograph malarkey , under the tutelage of glenda jackson lookalike, and Rorys great homemade Cake making skill …”

©Pat Byrne

“… Project 12 , White cat symbolizes Good luck, so I am hoping that all of us have some in New Year …”

– Pat Byrne

Project 12: Brian Dunne

©Brian Dunne

“… the old is the picture of the film camera by the bin saying goodbye to cork ap and the new is the digital camera with the kinda early daffodil shoots coming up i.e. the new the old one was taken with my film app on phone and the other with a compact digital camera…”

– Brian Dunne

Aladdin Sane

©Brian Duffy

There’s been hundreds of photos over the years of David Bowie, but this is my favourite one. Made by great British photographer Brian Duffy in 1973, it was originally printed using the dye transfer method, which is pretty much extinct these days, apart from a few practitioners around the world who have the materials saved since the mid nineties.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bowie!

Project 12: Padraig Spillane

©Padraig Pillane

“… Taken with my camera phone in the darkness. …”

©Pagraig Spillane

“… Taken on a camera phone with flash from that little fella, daylight and a big aul security light force shining down. …”

– Padraig Spillane