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Desde El Día de los Muertos hasta Semana Santa

Brian Barry is opening a new exhibition of his pin hole photographs at the Basement Project Space in Camden Quay in Cork on Saturday May 1st at 6pm.

New Pinhole Photo Etchings from Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras by Brian Barry
Opens May 1st, 6pm and continues until May 13th

Venue: Basement Project Space, Camden Place, Camden Quay, Cork.
FACEBOOK: Basementprojectspace Cork

This is the second in a series of Pinhole Photos from Latin America by Brian Barry. (see for previous collection) The images were captured within a six month period beginning in Mexico with the famous Day of the Dead celebrations and finishing in Honduras’ Mosquito Coast during Holy Week.

Mexico’s Copper Canyon, the childhood towns of ‘Pedro Paramo’ author Juan Rulfo, a town destroyed by a volcano and an eruption in Guatemala all provided inspiration for this collection.

All Pinhole Photos are hand printed from copper plates using a Photo Intaglio Etching process and are all of a limited edition.

– Rory

Glucksman Craft fair


Pinhole by Brian Barry

Reader Brian Barry sent in the following in the comments section –

“…I’m from Cork and I take Pinhole Photos. I exhibited in Lismore a year ago in the same place The C.A.P. did. It was a show about Cuba.

Anyway, I’m writing to let you know that I’m now making Pinhole Cameras and will be selling them for the first time in The Glucksman next weekend (Nov 6,7,8) at the annual Craftsfair. My cameras each contain a photo etching from my Cuba Obscura collection. I’ll also have my prints available over the few days.  …”

I had a look at his website, and the pinhole photographs are great. If you are out and about in Cork this weekend, the Lewis Glucksman craft fair looks like an interesting place to spend some time.

– Rory


This is a great little animated video. How to make a pinhole camera, expose and develop. See more here