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Of sexy cameras, W. Eugene Smith and Japan Exposures

W. Eugene Smith, Hitachi, Japan, 1962. Photograph by Kozo Amano

So I was dawdling around the web, looking at the sexy objects of desire flaunted shamelessly on Tokyo Camera Style, when I came across the above image of W. Eugene Smith standing on a wall adorned and surrounded by eight cameras of various descriptions.  Something about his pose, his outstretched gesticulating left arm being mimicked by a gesticulating lens in his right, the point of view from below … Well it’s just a cool photo, isn’t it?

Seems Tokyo Camera Style came upon the picture via Japan Exposures who quoted Jazz Loft Project Blog who said,

It was late in the year of 1961 when W. Eugene Smith and Carole Thomas traveled to Japan. Smith was hired via the fledgling  Japanese public relations firm Cosmo PR to produce photographs for a publication on behalf of the firm’s first client, Hitachi. This assignment, like Smith’s Pittsburgh project/expedition/ordeal, started out as a simple one that got complicated and ended up taking the better part of a year to complete. The end result appeared in 1963 as Japan . . . a chapter of image.

Which really is a long way round way of saying I saw this photo and I liked it 🙂

– Rory