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Aladdin Sane

©Brian Duffy

There’s been hundreds of photos over the years of David Bowie, but this is my favourite one. Made by great British photographer Brian Duffy in 1973, it was originally printed using the dye transfer method, which is pretty much extinct these days, apart from a few practitioners around the world who have the materials saved since the mid nineties.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bowie!

Goodbye’s and Hello’s


I’ve never been a huge user of slide film, but you can’t dispute the joy of looking at a perfectly exposed slide. The colours can have a magic that we don’t often see in prints. The demise of Kodachrome has been well documented this year. Produced since 1935, it was an icon of photography in its own right and beloved of millions of photographers. Paul Simon put it in his own words –


They give us those nice bright colors

They give us the greens of summers

Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day, Oh yeah

I got a Nikon camera

I love to take a photograph

So mama don’t take my Kodachrome away
If you took all the girls I knewWhen I was single

And brought them all together for one night

I know they’d never matchmy sweet imagination

everything looks WORSE in black and white


Some of the photographers we said goodbye to in 2010 were

Henry Miller (c) Peter Gowland

Peter Gowland, March 17th 2010


Demonstrators huddled in a doorway, seeking shelter from high-pressure fire hoses, in Birmingham, Ala., in 1963. (c) Charles Moore

Charles Moore, March 13th 2010


(c) Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall, March 24th 2010


Paul Newman, 1964 © Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper, May 29th 2010


John Lennon (c) Brian Duffy

Duffy, May 31st, 2010


Kate Moss (c) Corinne Day

Corinne Day, August 27th 2010


So, with goodbye’s to some of the greats, lets look forward to 2011. Cork Analogue Photographers are welcoming new members (interested? leave a comment below). We are planning on printing and exhibiting the Faces Project, a portraiture project we shot during the Cork Live at the Marquee concerts. We will also hold a version of the Disposable Camera Day – probably along the lines of a Crappy Camera Day (crap camera? check. roll of film? check. day out? check!). So we’ll be out and about

All the best to everyone for 2011, have a happy and healthy New Year. I’m off for a drink now 🙂

– Rory

Duffy 1933 – 2010

(c) Duffy. English fashion model Jean Shrimpton leans against a wall in London's Primrose Hill, wearing a close-fitting hood, 1960. A photoshoot for Vogue magazine. (Photo by Duffy/Getty Images)

Sixties fashion photographer Duffy died on May 31st. His website says the following

On Monday May 31st 2010 we lost one of the greatest anarchic, creative and dynamic minds of our time. After many months fighting a degenerative lung condition Brian duffy finally lost his battle

Duffy was born in London to Irish parents –  it says on his website that he was conceived in Dublin, born in London. He was a part of the generation that defined the swinging sixties in London with his photographic contemporaries (rivals?!) David Bailey and Terence Donovan.

View his images on his website here

The BBC have published some of his more famous photos here

And a write up here.

– Rory

Addendum: There was an excellent obituary written by Eamonn McCabe for the Guardian yesterday which you can read here

And a BBC4 documentary which accompanied his exhibition last year, “The Man Who Shot the 60s”, which can be viewed here

– Rory