Introducing…Deirdre Moriarty

This week I’m continuing the ‘Introducing’ series, introducing you to the photographers in our group and their work . This week I’d like to introduce you to Deirdre Moriarty and her wonderful photos from around the world. You can see the rest of the profiles in the series here.

Untitled by Deirdre Moriarty

Name: Deirdre Moriarty

Where are you from ? Waterford City

How did you end up in Cork ? I first moved to Cork from Dublin in 2001, after I had qualified as a midwife. After a break of three years living abroad, I came back for good in 2006.

What cameras do you use ? I have two Canon EOS 500 N, one each loaded for colour and black and white.

What was your first camera ? I can’t remember. It was a small fully automatic one, probably Kodak.

Tell me a little about how you got into photography ? In 1997 /1998 I did a round the world trip and spent the year constantly shooting pictures with just a small automatic. I was hooked, and as soon as I came home I bought my first SLR.  It wasn’t until 4 years later, when I moved to the Middle East that I really became passionate about photography. I tried to sign up for a photography course in Abu Dhabi, but the director of the course didn’t have enough English and I didn’t have enough Arabic !! So when I came back home I did the night course in basic photography in Crawford College, met the rest of the gang…. and the rest is history.

Why choose analogue photography ? Probably the same reason why a carpenter would spend hours carving out a beautiful hand crafted table, instead of simply driving to Ikea to buy one. The sense of joy and satisfaction you get from seeing the negatives you have developed yourself ( if you haven’t made a complete mess of the chemicals !!) morph hopefully into, the perfect print on a blank sheet of paper, is incredible. It even makes the days in the dark room when nothing goes right for you and you’ve just wasted half a box of expensive paper…. worth it 🙂

What are your influences/inspiration and who are some of your favourite photographers? Travel, people and the great outdoors.  Ansel Adams, Robert Doisneau and Andrey Tarkovsky’s work was incredible. But my favourite photograph is Henri Cartier-Bressons ‘Muslim women praying at sunrise in the Himalayas’… a pure work of art.

What would your dream photographic opportunity be like? Who/what/where would you shoot? I would love to live and travel around China and Japan. So if money was no object, a year out to photograph out there 🙂


Untitled by Deirdre Moriarty

Untitled by Deirdre Moriarty

Untitled by Dierdre Moriarty

Untitled by Deirdre Moriarty

Untitled by Deirdre Moriarty

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