London Street Photography

© Richard Bram/ Courtesy Museum of London

Time to get the calender out and book another day trip to London.

In January 2009 I was lucky enough to see Michael Kenna‘s work at a solo show at the HackelBury Gallery in  London. I wouldn’t be a huge landscape fan, but Kenna’s work is an exception (and exceptional).

And last year I went with fellow CorkAP-er Dee Moriarty to see Exposed in the Tate Modern, and the ever controversial Sally Mann at the Photographer’s Gallery – The Family and the Land. And various other bits and bobs around the city too.

London is an easy city to get to from Cork, with very regular flights, and pretty cheap if you fly off peak. I got a ticket for 30-odd euro return last summer, flying out at 7am and back at about 9 that night. So you get pretty much the full day to see a few exhibitions, lunch in the city, and a pint somewhere before heading home.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be over this year, but it looks like there’s a reason for another day trip now. The Museum of London are hosting a London Street Photography exhibition until Sept 4th, 2011, featuring photographers from the 1860’s to the present day. You can read some more about it at the Museum of London’s website and at various places around the web. And of course I heard about it from a guy in the States – Mike Johnson at The Online Photographer.

So looks like I’ll have to get onto the airlines websites and find a cheap seat to London in the next few months. I think I’ll wait till it gets a bit warmer though. May could be nice 🙂

– Rory

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