Introducing… Goliat Gonzalez

I thought it was about time we all got to know each other so every week I’m introducing you to another member of Cork Analogue Photographers & their photos. This week its Goli’s turn. Check out the other profiles here.

'Toscany' by Goliat Gonzalez

Name: Goliat Gonzalez

Where are you from? Spain, a gorgeous village in the north of Palencia, called Cervera de Pisuerga.

And how did you end up in Cork? Long story short, an Irish woman changed my mind (My initial idea was to go back to Spain) and I gave a chance to Cork and have been here for the last 10 years. By the way, I am married with that Irish woman.

What cameras do you use? Canon EOS 300 and Nikon D50 5.

What was your very first camera? Konica, I can remember what model, but it was a compact, that I had for 10 years.

Tell me a little about how you got into photography? I always love taking pictures, mainly in trips and traveling, but I got a sense to get something else, try to capture the soul of a person in a simple portrait, try a more artistic approach from normal pictures and forgetting about the rules and looking for light, shapes, textures, people reactions.

Why choose analogue photography? I love portraits and that power of looking a picture in a black and white, it gives you that feeling of eternity, as well as all the process to get your picture from the taking to the developing.

What are your influences and who are some of your favorite photographers? I love Sebastiao Salgado, he is amazing photographer that wants to change the world through photography, social photographer: “What I want is the world to remember the problems and the people I photograph”

What would your dream photography day be like? Who/what/where would you shoot? I like events like demonstrations, festivals to bring a subject to life, photography is a way of a life and I enjoying photographing anything, but I love portraits and raw nature.

Untitled by Goliat Gonzalez

Untitled by Goliat Gonzalez

Untitled by Goliat Gonzalez

Untitled by Goliat Gonzalez

Untitled by Goliat Gonzalez

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