Faces Project – first scans

The Faces Project is a project we started last summer. The idea was to photograph people as they arrived for gigs at the Marquee in Cork during the summer. We stood near the entrance gate to the marquee, and grabbed people as they approached. Most people were happy to stand for us. Some would step out in front of moving traffic just to avoid us! But in general people were out for the night, and up for a laugh.

Just this evening I received the negatives in the post – processed by Gunns in Dublin – my favourite camera shop by far! The negs look beautiful – developed well, no water marks, dust free. Dust in these scans was probably on the scanner. My scanner is like a Holga of scanners, but without the charm. It’s crap. But does the job to see a few photos and put them on the web.

Next step is to start making contact sheets, get the loupes out, and start printing. Hopefully we’ll get an exhibition up at some stage this year (anyone like to host us? Drop a comment below). Watch this space!

The project was shot very democratically. Most evenings three or four of us met. Two would load cameras up, and two would grab people walking by and ask them to stop. We didn’t mark who shot what film – it all went into a bag as it got used. We didn’t mark which films were shot at which gigs either, but you can make a fair guess on how people are dressed for the evening.

We had some hitches with backdrops, weather, and the concert promoters. One particular night some representative of the promoters asked us what we were doing, and said we had no permission to take photographs outside the event. We were right outside the main gate, so we just crossed the road. No problems after that. The Gardai paid us no real attention. A good learning experience! Maybe if we do it again this year we’ll write to the promoters and ask for permission to get inside the gates. Surely it can only be good for them?

So these are piss poor scans, but there’s some great photos in there (16+ rolls, mostly 35mm, a couple of 6*6 medium format). Thanks to all who took part. And if you know any of these people, let us know!

– Rory

4 responses to “Faces Project – first scans

  1. Nice pics Rory, you should run a competition where you have to name the gig each of the models was heading to… 🙂

  2. cool idea, great faces…

  3. Brilliant pictures! It was a good time meeting people and taking pictures last summer! We should do it every year! Looking forward to see more pictures

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