Introducing… Pamela Condell

We thought it was about time to make a few introductions around here, so every week I’ll be interviewing another member of Cork AP  and showing you a few of their photos. Today we’re starting with Pamela Condell, sometimes known as the Deer.

– Miriam

Untitled by Pamela Condell

Name: Pamela Condell

Where are you from? Kilkenny, living in Cork.

What cameras do you use? Nikon D90, Bronica Zenza ETRS and a Nikon F75 for 35mm colour slide.

What was your very first camera? Pentax MZM

Why choose analogue photography? It trains your eye and you develop a respect for the images you create. There’s an intimacy that comes from spending time with your work, both on the field and in the darkroom. You begin to understand your work and find your own voice or thread in the films. The same discipline doesn’t come with only working in digital. Analogue is an art, a craft. Anyone can pick up a digital camera and eventually happen upon something decent, analogue is both a constant evolvement in skill and personal development.

What are your influences/inspiration and who are some of your favourite photographers? T.S Eliot and Emily Dickinson, music, film’s, Marina Abramovic, Lucien Freud and Michael Fortune the Irish visual artist. Photographers include Martin Parr, William Eggleston, Paul Graham, Joel Sternfeld, Anthony Haughey and Nobuyoshi Araki.

What would your dream photographic opportunity be like? Who/what/where would you shoot? The basements of the upper class in Ireland and the U.K.  And I’d like to be able to finish what’s started this year.

Untitled by Pamela Condell

Untitled by Pamela Condell

Untitled by Pamela Condell

Untitled by Pamela Condell

Untitled by Pamela Condell

2 responses to “Introducing… Pamela Condell

  1. Nice site & nice idea, can’t beat film in my opinion; here’s some of mine…

    Good luck to you all.

    Regards – Paul Hart.

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