BBC’s Genius of Photography – available on YouTube

(c) William klein

I tried to catch these when they were aired on terrestrial telly a few years ago, but I missed a few. Didn’t have one of those series-link-record-em-all magic boxes then either.  I’ve found bits of episodes occasionally since then around the web, but it was hard to find the whole series in one place.  Just came across a link today that seems to have all the episodes in one place together on YouTube –

I am of course talking about the Genius of Photography series that was aired by the BBC back around 2006 (can’t remember exactly when). It was a good series, though not without it’s critics. A bit American-centric and very few female photographers profiled,  from what I remember. But an entertaining history of photography none the less – good television. Anyway, I’ll be watching the series again on YouTube over the next few weeks I think.

By the way, the above is a gratuitous use of a very famous William Klein shot, who is profiled in Episode 4.


– Rory

One response to “BBC’s Genius of Photography – available on YouTube

  1. very cool, was only talking about this yesterday with a friend..didn’t think to check the ‘tube….

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