Disposable Camera Day – a success!!

C c c cold snappers!

Eleven intrepid photographers made their way along slippy icy roads to meet in Cork this morning for Disposable Camera Day 2010. Armed with the cheapest plastickiest cameras we could find, we dispersed around the city snapping as the city came to life. We met again at noon in Boots on Half Moon St, who did a great job in turning around 15 or so films in an hour (some people shot two cameras!)

The day was about getting together and meeting new friends and trying to take a half decent photograph with a half crap camera along the way. Actually, the quality of the prints wasn’t bad at all – hooray for film!

After picking up the film we stopped for an hour in that bar who’s name I can’t remember (across the road from Boots!), and laid our prints across the table for an enjoyable drink and compare and contrast.

Compare and contrast!

Top marks go to Vera and Kate, who made their was out from Clonakilty (wow!), and to Maia who was the youngest snapper at five years old. Hello also to Vincent and Azem who joined us, and some of the old CorkAP crew – Sanda, Ann, Jason, Brian, Padraig and meself.

If you took disposable pictures with some disposable friends today, please post them on the flickr group – http://www.flickr.com/groups/dcd2010/


Disposable Fun

– Rory

5 responses to “Disposable Camera Day – a success!!

  1. Hope ye had a great day. I intended to join ye but the roads were too bad from Limerick. Hopefully ye’ll do it again sometime

    • It was great fun Martin. The roads were well dodgy though, so just as well you didn’t try to make it down. I think numbers were low because of the weather too.
      Maybe we could get you down some time for a wet plate collodion demonstartion sometime?

  2. Such a great idea, simple and fun! Hopefully will become a regular event 🙂

  3. bah! sorrry i missed this looks like it was a lot of fun, really a great idea. Hopefully next time..

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