Online Publication #2: Unless You Will

Unless You Will Issue 11

Unless You Will is probably my favourite online magazine. It is curated and founded by Heidi Romano, a photographer and art director and ‘dreamer’ from Melbourne, Australia. UYW is published roughly once a month. It has just celebrated its first birthday with its 11th issue, a double issue & a collaboration with Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann.

UYW showcases photographers who evoke emotion & nostalgia, who use photography to express themselves  and whose photography has layers of meaning. “Their images are a happiness measurement, they give us pleasure, rekindle a memory, or trigger other emotions of their own.” I realise its completely subjective, but these are the kind of photographs that I love so its no surprise I’m such a big fan of the magazine!

They also say “Our aim is to showcase these talented artists without too many frills, who work with the notions of play, honesty and craftsmanship.” And I think it is that lack of ‘frills’ that make this magazine such a joy to read. The layout is simple and effective, the text is minimal but informative, the focus is on the photography.

All 11 issues of Unless You Will are available to download on the website.  And if you are seduced by the magazine and want to see more, you should check out Heidi Romano’s blog, Tales of Light, where she features many more inspirational photographers, as well as sharing some of her own work, thoughts and photography related discoveries.

– Miriam

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