How do you like your magazines?

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Following my last post about Foam Magazine, I started to think about all the other great online photography magazines I read. To be honest blogs and online magazines are my main source of photography inspiration. I love photography books and print magazines but they can get very expensive and you are often limited to what is sold in your local bookshop. Online magazines on the other hand are free & they allow you to discover the work of emerging photographers who might not otherwise be published, they’re extremely accessible and defy the usual geographical barriers.

I’m not one of these people who believe that online publishing will be the death of print. I believe there’s a place for both. They both provide different things. Online media can’t compete with the experience of holding a book in your hands or seeing a photo in print. You may have seen European Photography’s survey of 43 International Photography Magazines. I thought it was interesting that they included both traditional printed journals as well as online magazines and photography blogs.

Anyway all of this was a very long way of introducing the fact that I’m planning on sharing a few of my favourite online magazines over the next few weeks. Do you have a favourite magazine, online or printed? Do you prefer to read online magazines, blogs or printed journals for your photo inspiration? I’d be delighted if you could join me by sharing your favourites in the comments below.


2 responses to “How do you like your magazines?

  1. how about something closer to home

    • Thanks for the comment John! I’m kind of in awe of the fact someone at Source is reading our little blog. 🙂 Of course we love Source and you’ve a great online presence with David Farrells Blog and the top 10 PhotoBlogs to read. And I love that you’ve got a lot of your back catalogue online. I think you’ve got a great balance between the traditional print magazine and making information available online. Thanks!

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