Foam Talent

foam magazine - talent issue

Foam Magazine’s annual Talent issue is out now. Actually its been out about a month at this stage but as you can see we’ve been snoozing a bit here in Cork! But now we’re back & this magazine is definitely worth a look.  15 young talented photographers were chosen to be part of the issue, after the judges sifted through over 1000 portfolios from 50 different countries.

Obviously seeing this number of portfolios from so many different countries gave them a very good picture of the state of photography for this generation. Curator Marcel Feil has written an interesting article on the specific developments and trends they noticed. But ultimately he says “In short, we prefer photography that challenges what already exists rather than corroborating it, but it was predictable that much of the work would do the latter.” This made me think about my own photography, does it challenge the world in any way? Of course I had to laugh when he mentioned that “for the third year in a row we were treated to a diverse array of photographs of ‘the bed’.“, as I have had a slight obsession with photographing my own. Maybe its time to move on to something else!

Foam Talent is available to buy online in the Foam Magazine shop but they are also kind enough to provide an online issue for those of us who are a little broke. It can’t compare with holding a shiny new magazine in your hands and seeing the photographs in print but its great for these recessionary times!

– Miriam

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