Roseanne Lynch at the Plastic House

Untitled (o'f 16) on the wall of 'the Plastic House' at the weekend. (c) Roseanne Lynch

Cork Analogue Photographers’ friend and mentor, Roseanne Lynch,  had work on the wall at “The Plastic House” in Dublin last weekend (above). The house is an old Georgian house in Dublin’s East Wall transformed by architects. I haven’t seen the house, so the following is lifted straight from the Irish Times:

A GEORGIAN house transformed by plastic will open as an art exhibition space this weekend.

The “Plastic House”, designed by Dublin practice Architecture Republic and commended by the Architectural Association of Ireland (AAI), has invited seven artists to exhibit their work in the quirky home.

The terraced house’s original design is native to Georgian Dublin, comprising a grand parlour to the front with smaller rooms to the rear at half-levels one up and one down from the street.

The architects revamped the space in Dublin’s East Wall by adding a cruciform made from polycarbonate and steel to create the “Plastic House”.

The AAI Award’s assessment of the project posed the question of whether the “Plastic House” is an art installation or a house.

The architects have decided to reinforce this controversy, by inviting a number of Irish artists to exhibit their work in the space, further sparking the evergreen debate on the boundaries between art and architecture.

The exhibition entitled “Right Place, Right Space?” will feature works by artists John Graham, Paul Murnaghan, Aoife Desmond, Gregory Dunn, David Folan, Roseanne Lynch and Sharon McCarthy. It is open from 12pm to 6pm today and tomorrow at 26 Spencer Street North, East Wall.

– Rory


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