Corinne Day

(c) Corinne Day

Sorry to hear the British fashion photographer Corinne Day has died. Day’s photographs in The Face magazine were the first fashion photographs of Kate Moss.  She died on Friday Aug 27th.

The photograph above I found on libertylondongirl, a blog by fashion editor Sasha Wilkins who says the following about Day’s shoot with Kate Moss:

Kate Moss was fifteen when she shot the story, styled by Melanie Ward, which launched her career. The photographs were taken on Camber Sands in England, a traditional seaside resort, and were astonishing for their raw, verité feel; an antidote to the glossy Vogue supermodels. The images were seen by Fabien Baron, and Moss’s relationship with Calvin Klein began. It’s difficult to over emphasise how influential this story was at the time.

– Rory

One response to “Corinne Day

  1. Thank you for the link: I just wish it was under happier circumstances. LLGxx

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