Totally Dublin – Glen E. Friedman

Glen E. Friedman is opening his exhibition in Dublin tomorrow night, June 8th. This is one exhibition I’d love to go see. In fact with the new Cork to Dublin travel time of about 2.5 hours I’d nearly head up straight after work. Just need to run that past Eilish and the kids …

Totally Dublin magazine ran a bunch of his photographs last week. I’m not familiar with this magazine, but if it’s still on the newsstands grab a copy and take a look. You can see some scans from it on Friedman’s blog, here.

I guess this exhibition opening is part of the Photography Ireland event which is running this week.  Should really be called Photography Dublin, ‘cos there ain’t a hint of it down here in Cork, which is a bit disappointing.

Anyway, if you’re in Dublin then get out and get to a few exhibitions. And if you are a skater, old punk or just music and photography fan,  Glen E. Friedman is one opening night to try to get to.

– Rory


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