Duffy 1933 – 2010

(c) Duffy. English fashion model Jean Shrimpton leans against a wall in London's Primrose Hill, wearing a close-fitting hood, 1960. A photoshoot for Vogue magazine. (Photo by Duffy/Getty Images)

Sixties fashion photographer Duffy died on May 31st. His website says the following

On Monday May 31st 2010 we lost one of the greatest anarchic, creative and dynamic minds of our time. After many months fighting a degenerative lung condition Brian duffy finally lost his battle

Duffy was born in London to Irish parents –  it says on his website that he was conceived in Dublin, born in London. He was a part of the generation that defined the swinging sixties in London with his photographic contemporaries (rivals?!) David Bailey and Terence Donovan.

View his images on his website here

The BBC have published some of his more famous photos here

And a write up here.

– Rory

Addendum: There was an excellent obituary written by Eamonn McCabe for the Guardian yesterday which you can read here

And a BBC4 documentary which accompanied his exhibition last year, “The Man Who Shot the 60s”, which can be viewed here

– Rory


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