The 4th Annual Foam Magazine Talent Call

Foam #21 Winter 2009

The excellent contemporary photography quarterly, Foam magazine, has announced it’s 4th annual talent call. It’s open to photographers between 18 and 35 and the entry closes on May 1st. So if you think you have the talent (and I can think of many Irish photographers who do), then get to this web page and submit an entry.

“… The 4th Annual Foam Magazine Talent Call

As in previous years, Foam Magazine’s annual fall TALENT issue will present the work of young talented photographers.

The Foam Magazine Talent Call is open to photographers from all over the world. Last year, we received over 900 entries from 53 countries worldwide, and because of the quality of submissions, 18 photographers were chosen – we had to double our issue!
The competition is fierce, but the winning portfolios will be presented along with an interview written by an esteemed author in the fall issue: Foam Magazine #24/TALENT  …”

While you are on the Foam website, do check out their issues link. You can view the magazines online, and enlarge them enough so that you can read the text. An excellent preview into the contents of the magazine, and a worthy subscription. Far superior to most photo magazines that you will find on the shelves of your local newsagent. Anybody else got a favourite photo magazine? Hit the comments button to let us know about it.

– Rory


One response to “The 4th Annual Foam Magazine Talent Call

  1. Another online photo magazine I like is Unless You Will. And I also liked the Photo Issue of Candy Collective magazine, its a design/art magazine but the latest issue focused on photography (and its Irish).
    I spend all my magazine money on Vogue so I have to read my photo magazines online! 😉

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