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Boat Plank by Padraig Spillane

I’m still working on getting the individual gallery pages made for each CorkAP member. In the mean time here’s another one from Padraig Spillane.

– Rory


By Padraig Spillane

I’m trying to figure out how to put slideshow galleries into wordpress. Basically I’ll put a gallery link on the right (along with the ‘about’ and ‘liked links’), and when you click it then have a slideshow gallery for each of the CorkAP members. But I’m feeling as I go with WordPress, and not sure how to get a nice gallery in. I’ve seen ones where you click on the first photo, and it expands, and then there’s arrows to go forward and back. Anyone know how to do this? Hit the comment button if you can help me out. Thanks!

– Rory

Eggleston in London!

By William Eggleston

Oh man! I want to get to London! The Victoria Miro gallery are showing Eggleston until Feb 27th. Do I have time? Do I have funds? Noooo!

I found this out while reading photographer Chris Floyd’s new blog. I’ve liked Floyd’s photography for a while, and quite recently he started blogging. And happily, he writes well – interesting, funny stories accompanied by great photographs. Check it out here.

This is what Chris had to say about discovering Eggleston –

Back in 1999, when I had never heard of William Eggleston, my book was called in for a job by a long gone band from the Britpop era called Gene.  I dutifully sent my finest collection of band and music portraits in a 12”x16” book.  A few days later I got a message back that the book was fine – yeah yeah yeah – but haven’t you got anything else?  Anything different?  More personal?

I did but it had never really occurred to me to send it out for a professional commission, the reason being precisely because it was personal.  But, I did have it and it was a little 8”x10” book of  photographic doodles.  It was representative of the way my eyes framed the world when I wasn’t thinking about it.  It was unselfconscious.  I dropped it off at the band’s management office in Fulham, London.

A day later I was asked to come in and meet the band’s singer Martin Rossiter.  He had been looking at my little 8×10 book and come to the conclusion that I was massively influenced by someone whose work he greatly admired – William Eggleston.

I had never heard of him.  Martin didn’t believe me and it took some reassuring to convince him.  But when I did he loved it even more – it was unselfconscious – and he then offered me one of the greatest commissions a photographer could ever ask for.  The band were going to Los Angeles to play some shows and record and release a live album.  My job was to go there with them and spend 7 days just roaming around LA shooting pictures of anything I felt like, to be used as the album’s artwork.

Read more here …

– Rory

Don McCullin at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester

Don McCullin

“… I don’t want to be remembered as a war photographer, or even classified as a war photographer. I hate it. You know, you can’t take photographs because you’re a machine-like person and you’ve been shown how to use a camera. You do it with your soul. …”

So begins Don McCullin thoughtfully at the start of this short slideshow presented by the BBC. An exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester showcasing his work marks McCullins 75th year. McCullin has always seemed to me to be a photographer of the highest integrity, and more so when you here him speak. Have a listen to him and view a few of his photographs here.

– Rory

Swans in Rostellan Lake

By Rory O'Toole

I’m sitting here scanning a few recent rolls of film.  You know that feeling, as you see the shots for the first time, and you feel a bit crestfallen – are there any decent shots here at all? And then one comes along that looks like it might have some potential. So this is the first that grabbed me. A bit. I’m not really into pictures of birds or animals, but I kinda like the pure black and whiteness of this one. There wasn’t much colour in the air that day anyway. It was snowing, and most of the rest of the lake was frozen. So the white swans in the black water was pretty much how it was! Shot on Ilford FP4 with a Nikon F90X and 50mm f1.8.

– Rory

Mmmm more camera porn!

Tokyo Camera Style

I can’t help myself … I keep going back … it’s an a ddiction … but ya gotta love Tokyo Camera Style for its gratuitous display of sexy camera’s!!

Bessa R and Bessa L

Says the site owner, John Sypal,

“…I “create content” for this site by approaching people with cameras around their neck or over the shoulders when I see them on the street.  After a brief and not terribly (in a grammatical sense) great explanation about this site in Japanese I snap a shot of their camera with their approval.  Now, I’ve been doing this enough to know to ask if they might have any other film cameras with them and often they do.  He had the Bessa R over his shoulder and the L in his camera bag.  He too went to see the Bresson show and if you were going to take a camera* (or two!) a small silver rangefinder would be the one to go with.

My friend however, brought his Pentax 67.

*I don’t know how it is outside of Japan, but if you are in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and you don’t see a dozen other people  (men and women ages 15 to 80) viewing exhibitions with a camera on them then it is probably a weekday morning or you are actually in the museum of painting or possibly even a convenience store of some sort.  …”

Keep it up John!

– Rory

Olympus-flex TLR

Mamiya C330 with Porroflex finder

Yashica Mat 124G