Photos for Haiti

The coverage of the disaster in Haiti seems to have raised alot of interesting questions and debates about the way photojournalism is practiced, but in the aftermath of the earthquake, photographers around the world have been finding ways to raise money for various charities working in Haiti. There are a number of print auctions that I have noticed around the net & around the world. There are so many different prints for sale that there should be something there for everyone’s taste & budget. I’m listing the one’s that I know about but if you know of any that I’ve missed leave a comment and I’ll add it. Click on the images to get to their auction pages.

It's a Love Haiti Relationship by oncemany

At the Forty Foot by Covey

Sarah Sudoff

Max with Towel

Nadirah Zakariya Benefit Print Sale for Haiti

One Respe

Not a print auction but s everal photographers, including the iconic photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark, have donated photographs to help create this special fund-raising collection of captivating images in a MagCloud Magazine Oné Respe,to benefit the people of Haiti. The title Haiti: Onè Respe comes from a traditional Haitian greeting meaning “honor and respect.” It costs $12 with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross International Response Fund for Haiti Relief.

– Miriam

(reproduced from Miriam’s blog A Spoonful of Sugar)


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