Hillside Fence, Study 5, Teshikaga, Hokkaido, Japan, 2004 (Michael Kenna)

“… The job of photography is not to produce decoration for other peoples walls and homes. It’s a real voyage of discovery, and I think it’s an authentic way to go through life. It’s a way of discovering things, finding things, experiencing things …”

Just watched this beautiful film of Michael Kenna making photographs in Hokkaido, Japan. Landscape isn’t really my thing, but I love Kenna’s work. With the cold wintry weather upon us, and the January blues just around the corner, take a look at this film, then pull out the old camera and get into an early morning landscape for some photo therapy!

Click here to view

– Rory

2 responses to “Hokkaido

  1. I love the quote! Where’s it from?

    Also great snow, I wish we’d get some in real life! 😉

  2. Ah its ok – I just watched the film! His work is beautiful!

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