Glucksman Craft fair


Pinhole by Brian Barry

Reader Brian Barry sent in the following in the comments section –

“…I’m from Cork and I take Pinhole Photos. I exhibited in Lismore a year ago in the same place The C.A.P. did. It was a show about Cuba.

Anyway, I’m writing to let you know that I’m now making Pinhole Cameras and will be selling them for the first time in The Glucksman next weekend (Nov 6,7,8) at the annual Craftsfair. My cameras each contain a photo etching from my Cuba Obscura collection. I’ll also have my prints available over the few days.  …”

I had a look at his website, and the pinhole photographs are great. If you are out and about in Cork this weekend, the Lewis Glucksman craft fair looks like an interesting place to spend some time.

– Rory

One response to “Glucksman Craft fair

  1. Thanks for checking out my site Rory. Just to let yourself and other members know of Cork Printmakers Christmas Showcase here –

    You might find some inspiring ways to manipulate your photos using Fine Art printing techniques here.

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