Monthly Archives: September 2009



“Reflections” was one suggestion for the name of our exhibition in Gallerie Nautique back in July. You know the kind of thing, thoughts of artists as they Reflect on life, the way a photograph Reflects reality, all that kind of artsy nonsense. “Echos” was another idea put forward. And dismissed forthwith. Who were we trying to fool? So we went with “Exhibition # 3”. No matter what pretentious idea you could come up with for a name like that, you can’t deny that it does what it says on the tin. It was our third exhibition. Exhibition # 3.

After the opening night (which was a great success, and thanks to all who came), we all pretty much forgot about photography for a while. To be honest although I had the paper, I really couldn’t face scanning it until today. Well, not so much couldn’t face, as couldn’t be bothered! But to use an old cliche, a break’s as good as a rest, and we’re raring to again. First meeting back is this Monday coming, and hopefully we’ll be back in the darkroom again soon too. Which will give us something to scan, and post up here. So, new work on the way, and less of me typing to myself (does anyone read this?) on a Saturday afternoon

– Rory